October 9, 2017

The long weekend that wasn't.

My plan was to stay in Laramie for the long weekend and come back later today. I had today off and Scott didn't. Unfortunately, Wyoming got hit with a snowstorm overnight and it wasn't worth staying and wondering if I was going to make it back. Just for the record: taking a surprise day off is something I have NO qualms about. The children will survive. It's those sub plans that I can't face because I'd have to rearrange the whole week. Plus, I have a TON of work to do and if I tried to do it there, while wondering if I'd be at work on Tuesday..well, that wasn't productive. But, other than that, it was a pleasant weekend.

We put the house together and did a lot of cleaning and basic move-in tasks. Honestly, to keep it 100, if I could pick up this house in Colorado and move it to Laramie, I would insist we just make Laramie our permanent home. As it is, I'm ready to pack up my things and move. I don't have a particular affection for Colorado and I really wanted to have that love-for-a-place here. More thoughts to come on this internal dilemma, I'm sure.

But, while in Laramie...

We drove up to Sugarloaf Mountain, with the intention of watching a sunset, but it was a bit cold and windy. The dogs found some snow to roll in obviously. This is at about 10,000 feet so it wasn't warm. Laramie itself is at over 7,000 feet so it trumps Colorado Springs in that department.

On Sunday, we walked the Greenbelt in town and it was a bit warmer. 

As far as the house, I showed up on Friday night with a bucket, rags, and Pinesol, and basically kept myself busy for hours. I did counters, walls, floors, baseboards...I'm attempting to slowly turn it into "my" house. Also, I'm slowly moving all my belongings for weekend use (clothes, shoes, etc.) up there. The next few weeks will be busy with Scott coming back here, us going out of town, him going hunting, etc. But eventually, I'll be up there for a weekend again. It's a weird arrangement for the next few months, but it's better than the army.

Pumpkin Swap partners will ALL be emailed out by the end of today! 


  1. It's unseasonably hot and humid here, and you're getting snow storms - we could not live in any different of climates, lol.

  2. Glad you're making it work the best you can right now.
    Snow... oh LAWDDDDYYY - I dont even want to think about that yet

  3. I'm sorry you didn't get to enjoy the full long weekend but these photos are beautiful!!!

  4. Wow, that area is actually really pretty! Snow...I guess you're at 10k feet, so it makes sense. Sitka got a mountaintop dusting this week and our peaks are probably only 3-5k feet, so it's only a matter of time...weird how you can see winter actually encroaching. Does Wyoming have good hiking around those parts?


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