October 4, 2017

Fall (Survey) Fun

No post yesterday because I feel p-e-r-p-e-t-u-a-l-l-y behind and the state of the world is just depressing me. That's really the long and short of it. When I think of things to write, I write immediately. When I think of nothing to write, I don't write. It's a weird balance.

So, today I'm linking up with The Blended Blog for some fall frivolity because the world needs more nostalgia, blogger link-ups, and puppy pictures. I saw this on other blogs this week and figured I'd try it out.

1. Favorite fall sweet treat? 
Candy corn. The answer is always candy corn, no matter the question.

2. Red, yellow, or green apples? 
Yellow. I'm convinced that if you're not eating yellow apples, you're missing out.

3. Favorite fall sport to play? 
I don't know that I play a fall sport. I used to play soccer. I love football though. The weekends always have a game on in the background. 

4. Best drink for fall? 
The best drink for cooler weather, to me, is a caramel latte (non-fat, no whip, if I'm being picky).

5. Favorite fall activity? 
Baking fall things. Pumpkin muffins and cookies.

6. Must-have fall purchase? 
I do a boot inventory each fall. Sometimes I need to replace a pair. 

7. Pumpkins: pick your own or store-bought? 
I don't really buy pumpkins. Any decoration is fake, though.

8. Real or fake pumpkin? 
Fake because if I'm decorating they'll be inside the house.

9. Favorite Halloween costume? 
Is none an answer? I don't like Halloween costumes because it's too much pressure and judgement. Two years ago, I was a minion. Last year, a Power Ranger. This year, who knows what my coworkers will force me into.

10. College or NFL football? 
I like both, really. The NFL has more staying power and attention as the season goes on. Most people follow it and there's less teams. Whereas, there's a lot of college teams out there. 

11. Fall or Halloween decor? 
Fall, only. Halloween can get a little gaudy and it needs to come down in November. 

12. Raking leaves or no leaves to rake? 
I don't mind raking leaves. It's the least of my chores out here on the prairie. 

13. Favorite soup? 
I like the tomato from Trader Joe's. But I like making homemade tomato or French onion too. 

14. Favorite fall candle scent? 
I like pumpkin candles or vanilla ones. I really prefer Scentsy though.

15. Love or hate pumpkin spice? 
I like it in baked goods. 

16. Short booties or tall boots? 
I like both but think tall boots are my go-to. 

17. Favorite Halloween candy? 
Candy corn. Is that even a question?

18. Pumpkin Spice Latte, YES or NO? 
No. No, no, no, no, and no. Drinking a warm cup of pumpkin flavoring (or worse, a cold one) isn't appealing.

19. Corn maze or hayride? 
Is neither an answer? I suppose a corn maze because it's probably less dirty than sitting on a pile of hay. 

20. Favorite fall TV show? 
I'm looking forward to Stranger Things at the end of this month and then Shameless in November. 


  1. YES..I've been baking all the pumpkin things. I just made a batch of pumpkin butter and it goes on pretty much everything I eat LOL

  2. People give candy corn a bad wrap, but I'm with you - I like it.
    You're so right - there's so much judgement & pressure on halloween costumes. I live in the country where we get no trick or treaters so I dont dress up anymore... I do miss it though.

  3. I'm looking forward to Stranger Things coming back!

  4. Yup, candy corn is the only way to go. Thanks for linking up with us.

  5. I'm a tried and true candy corn lover! There is nothing better!

  6. Totally stealing this...

    I'm excited about Stranger Things. I hope they don't ruin it.

    Sadly, I think candy corn is one of the only candies I've ever had that I really DON'T like. It's the texture.

  7. i'm the same with not writing things when i don't have anything to write.
    i keep seeing this around but my answer to everything would be no. just, no. except for soup because tomato soup YES. i love TJs one, never tried to make my own!


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