October 30, 2017

Current Verbs 10/30

Contemplating...a haircut. Maybe 3 inches off? I don't know. I'm bored.

Wearing...my Penn State shirt to school on Friday. Jett was overly excited.

Laughing at...this list of 40 things you won't understand if you were born after 2000.

Kids still pass notes, but they're really bad at it and don't know how to fold them. They just rip up small pieces of paper and write text-like "sentences" on them. 

Thinking...that this Pilates retreat is the most ridiculous waste of time/money one could possibly come up with. $4,000 for a weekend in Santa Barbara. FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS. Actually, it's $3,900 if you share a room and it's $4,400 for a single room. Plus airfare if you live any distance away. I have to question the ability of someone to properly reflect on life if they pay that. You could go to an all-inclusive in the Caribbean for the same price for a week and take an actual vacation.
I whole-heartedly believe in the power of Pilates but, for $4,000, I can probably do something else for the weekend.

Not Loving...that Penn State loss. Ouch.

Wishing...I was better at menu planning. I had mild success last year but with Scott's unpredictable schedules, I've all but given up. I've found a lot of recipes I want to try lately but I'm rarely in the mood with everything else that's been going on (vehicle maintenance x3 and house maintenance x2).

Considering...a new phone. Mine doesn't act like it's supposed to. It won't email pictures because it won't "prepare" them. Pictures take so much time to load in general that they start out blurry and then clear up. Does anyone else have this issue? This has only happened post-update...I don't remember which one.

Reading...Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys. I was on the library wait list for this. Do you ever purposely avoid books because everyone loves them? Yeah, me either. It's been on my TBR list for a year, but I didn't bother to reserve it until a few months ago.

Buying...I've not bought anything fun lately at all. It's not fun in general to only buy necessities, simply because when you're spending thousands on car parts, you have trouble justifying Target runs.

Liking...Stranger Things 2. It took me two tries to get through the first season and I did really like it by the end. ST2 is very good and pulls you right in.

Making...the tough decision that this will likely (like 99%) be my last year in the classroom for awhile. We'll move sometime next year and it's just easier to transition and make plans in general if I'm not working. I will miss the salary, of course, but oh well.

Dreading...Halloween. I'm not a fan. I always have to dress up at school and I hate it. My school in Missouri didn't do Halloween and, while there's nothing wrong with doing Halloween, it was so much easier. I just don't like the costume pressure.

What do you think? Halloween: yay or nay?

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  1. I"m not at all a fan of Halloween, looking forward to tomorrow being over so that we can move on to bigger and better holidays!

  2. LOLOLOL at the video store pic. I found my old blockbuster card and i laughed for a good 2 minutes. it's too bad kids don't know how to 80s anymore with the note-passing! i was a master at folding them into ninja stars, animal shapes etc.

  3. I just started Stranger Things season 2 last night. You're right, it gets off to a better start than the first season. Also, that Pilates retreat is absurd lol

    Midwest Darling

  4. I think I'm a Debbie downers with Halloween this year. We've been so dang busy that we didn't make it to any celebrations, six flags or grants farm and it's all Keith's fault (truly it is) so I guess nay this year.

  5. I have to check out that list... the hubs & I spent hourssssss in Blockbuster every Friday night.
    I love Halloween- sadly, I dont get to do anything about it. Work is bah humbug about most things in life & living in the country, no trick or treaters. BOOO! In the worst way.

  6. I need to get my hair cut as well. It has been driving me absolutely crazy!

  7. Love that list!

    I just got Salt to the Sea from a book order. Lord knows when I’ll ever have time to read it. I read Between Shades of Gray the first year I taught 6th grade because a student recommended it to me.


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