July 28, 2017

5 Things I Did This Week.

1. Took the dogs to school with me on Monday.

Scout's reaction.

2. Cleaned, cleaned, cleaned on Tuesday. Like hands and knees, wiping down the baseboards, and moving the furniture around kind of cleaning. When it's 90 degrees, I always feel like that's my only option.

3. Went to a TRX class at the gym on Wednesday and then forced myself to write a bunch of blog posts and work on things for school whilst rewatching the first season of Unreal. Since I've exhausted 2 and a half seasons of Younger, I need something fun to watch now.

4. Went to a kettlebell class at the gym and then ran a couple of errands. Wanted to buy a pig rug at Target but they were sold out. Did some more cleaning. Started watching Burning Love on Hulu, upon the recommendation of a friend. Then, around midnight, we put in an offer on a house (because one would never accuse us of making things easy in general, but this will be easy on us in the long run). This goes along with the plans Scott has next, after his change of command and after this stint at Ft. Carson is up in a few short weeks. I swear I'll tell you about it once things are settled.

5. Today I have grand plans to FINISH my classroom after I go to the dentist. I don't know if this'll happen. If the carpets aren't clean and dry, I won't be able to set up and will be in there next week.

Not that I have anything else to do.

Seriously now...summer can be over any time now. I'm terribly bored.

Hope you have exciting weekend plans!


  1. That's why year round school works around here - our schools started this past week. The kids get really bored after 2 months off. Long enough.

  2. In the district where I work, students start next Wednesday. I'm not ready to go back, but then, I never. I rarely get bored. I can tinker around with little projects all day long, just doing things at leisure.

    No exciting weekend plans, just enjoying the last weekend before I go back to work and the forecasted milder weather we're supposed to get here. Have a good weekend!

  3. Did I miss (or forget, entirely possible these days) that you know where you will be after this stint?

  4. I binged watched younger after your suggestion and now up to current episode mode.

    Was San Diego trip an indication of where you're headed to next?

  5. That';s exciting about a house offer!!! I hope it all goes smoothly.

  6. So cool that you git ti take your dogs to school! Hope you had the best weekend!

  7. Scout in class...adorable.
    I need a day of cleaning. I just haven't been able to do it yet.

  8. hahah how your pup feels about school is how the world feels about it LOL!!


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