April 25, 2017

Things to Consider Adding to Your List

Linking up with Lauren today to list out a few things worth considering.

I really tried to think about things I do/use every day and how they could maybe help you too.

(Note: no affiliate links have been overused in the writing of this post. Also, I will go out of my way to avoid an affiliate link...unless I like you.)

1. This is pretty much why I don't have a Fit Bit.

2. If you are a teacher, this blog is fabulous. She has a podcast with real, actionable steps/tips too.

3. If you have dogs who like to run and you don't always have them on a leash, these are my lifesaver collars. The camo part vibrates or shocks the dog. Vibrating is for making the dog stop, look for me, and come back to me. Shocking is to get them back to me ASAP if they're not listening or if there's danger. The orange part makes noise that lets us locate the dog. We let them run around outside when we're outside and, to find them, the orange part screeches like a hawk and the dog realizes they need to come back and we can hear where they are at the same time. It has different settings though, so it doesn't always have to screech like a hawk. It's also to measure when they're on point and have found a bird.
I use these collars MULTIPLE times a day. They weren't very expensive for the amount of use we get out of them because we've been using them for almost 4 years.

4. Using the Lil' Dipper Crockpot as a diffuser. I read that lavender keeps away bugs so I fill the crockpot with water and put in a few drops of essential oil. It makes the whole house smell pleasant, and if I ever get around to remembering to buy different scents, I'd mix it up a bit. I was initially worried that it'd be an impossible smell to get out of the Crockpot (I only use the thing for food once or twice a year) but it cleans right out very easily with no residue or smell leftover if you need it for dip.

5. Le Pen. Ugh. These are amazing. In fact, I now hate my Sharpie pens and the Papermate Flair are even worse. They feel so cumbersome and scratchy; not super smooth like Le Pen pens do.

6.  This lotion. Since I sprained the fingers on my right hand last fall (or stoved them, as a Pennsylvanian would say), they've caused me problems. When I went to get a massage last month, she kind of played around with my fingers and said to try the NOW lotion to get the swelling and joint pain under control. I won't lie: the lotion smells awful but I use it a couple of times a day. It's a giant bottle too. I think what has really helped my hand is massage, though. I've been constantly moving and wiggling my joints. The masseuse said that the more I move them and massage them, the better they'll get. But I like to think that the lotion helps too. I usually put it on and wiggle my fingers around while I walk the dogs and especially before I go to bed at night...I've noticed then that the inflammation is barely there in the morning like it used to be.

So, any things I should consider trying/using?


  1. hmmmm.....may need to consider those pens since I'm a stationary addict!

  2. Oh I am always into pen recommendations!!! Using the little crockpot for diffusing is a great idea too!!

  3. I am going to give those pens a try, I'm always looking for good recommendations.

  4. I've been wanting to try Le Pen pens. They sell them at Michael's and you can use a coupon! I got on the papermate flair train when I switched jobs and had to stock my office, but I write kind of hard so they won't last me long. The crockpot tip is a good one, but I would always want queso when I saw it out...

  5. Off to check out those pens and lotion!!! I am always in the market for good pens.

  6. I love love love LePen. Obsessed with them.

  7. Oh lordy - more pens for me to buy :)

  8. I don't count steps either. I have a desk job and it's just not realistic to expect that much out of me, haha.

  9. I have a sport watch/activity tracker but I don't really pay all that much attention to the steps. It's unrealistic. I could do a two hour strenous workout and not get all my "steps" in so whatever.

    I never thought of using the mini Crockpot for a diffuser! Good idea. And I just recently got rid of mine, too.

    I need an excuse to buy pretty pens...

  10. Aw I like wearing a FitBit! It shows me how much I've done every day or how badly I've slept lol

  11. Good to know about that little dipper - I have 2 and never know what else to use them for as I hardly use them in the first place.

  12. I got a smart watch for Christmas and one day I was at the outlet mall and the watch started vibrating and I was like "what the hell" but it was telling me I reached 10,000 steps so basically that is a notification that I've done WAY too much during the day.
    I'm going to buy these pens and act like I'm going to bullet journal or use one of the thousands of notebooks I can't stop buying.
    Thanks for linking up!!!

  13. How clever to use a crockpot as a diffuser! I never would have thought of that!


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