April 10, 2017

Not quite a recap. It's Monday.

I could recap my weekend but most of it was spent feeling terrible. I even took a nap and that, like, never happens.
Also, I've literally sat down, like, three times to write this post.
I didn't do anything this weekend. The second half of last week piled on ALL THE STUFF and ALL THE THOUGHTS and ALL THE FEELINGS, so I think it just all caught up to me. I don't particularly feel any better about ALL THE THINGS but whatever. It's Monday.
In the between times of not writing this post, I: baked banana bread, folded laundry, hugged a dog (or two), did Pilates, graded some papers...etc. The necessary things.

I did do the grocery shopping and we did try an Ethiopian restaurant and I did make it to the post office but I didn't mail out ALL THE THINGS because, apparently, that's just how it goes.

I just ask for good thoughts and prayers as we head into another potential situation-altering week. ALL THE WEEKS seem to be situation-altering these days.

I could use another snow day. This is how I felt Thursday and Friday:

But then I think about this, and I realize things aren't so bad after all:

"Happy" Monday!  (If I must end this with an exclamation point, I will put quotes around Happy.)


  1. Sorry you were feeling crummy this weekend! Hopefully you're on the upswing now!

    That last meme...SO TRUE. Or at least trying to become a famous band.

  2. Bummer that you weren't feeling good this weekend. :(


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