April 28, 2017

Friday things.

It's been a rough week. Luckily, today is the beginning of a 3-day weekend and it's also supposed to snowstorm tomorrow. So, I want snow but don't know how I feel about that "storm" part. 

These are some things that made me feel better about life:

This is how I feel about pets. 


My coworker and I found a little pup wandering the streets the other day. We knocked on doors and she eventually dropped him off at the shelter on her way home. Luckily he was chipped and his name is Benji.

He was the most well-behaved dog I'd ever met, and I was thisclose to taking him home. Like, I wanted him. I really doubt another dog is coming along soon, but Scott wants another puppy he can train to hunt, but I can't look at a picture of a shelter dog without crying (because I'm the world's biggest freaking dog lover at this point). So, at an impasse we are.

But what made me feel better here is the fact that we helped the little guy. (And I wrapped him in a blanket and snuggled him a bit because he was soaked from the rain.)
I snatched up these shorts after seeing them in Tuesday's Add It to My List link-up.


I'm reading Jen Hatmaker's book. God bless her. 


I'm spending my day off cleaning, grocery shopping, grading, and making a weighted pros and cons list.  Thoughts and prayers appreciated. Seriously. It's come to this: a weighted pros and cons list. 


HAPPY Friday!


  1. I love Jen Hatmaker - feel so bad for the grief she got for her comments about loving gay people. so ridiculous.
    Oh my gosh - I would have probably snuck & kept that dog too ;) But so glad he got back to his family!!!
    Those shorts!!!! YES!!!!

  2. Good luck with your list and decision! I like making decisions(so I make them really fast)...and then I second guess myself the entire time waiting for the decision I made to start and/or finish. Your weighted pros and cons list sounds better!
    And the only thing that keeps me from getting another dog or puppy or visiting shelters is that our dog DOES NOT want a sibling. She'll play with other dogs and then when she's done playing, she comes and sits beside one of us and refuses to continue playing when the other dog comes over to get her, even go so far as to growl :O. We know she'd hate having another dog around or sharing our attention.
    You're like...a month away from summer break? Yay!!!

  3. Isaiah mentions getting a dog about every other day...

    I'm not at all a fan of Jen Hatmaker for many reasons but I do definitely agree with that page right there. Teachers have it rough in this day and age.

    If I end up having to size up in those shorts I have my eye on those gray ones with the black flowers...

  4. Oh sweet Benji!!! I'm so glad you guys picked him up.

  5. I liked those shorts when I saw them, too! I can't believe you're getting a snowstorm in almost-May. Good luck with the storm and the list making!

  6. I cry at all the shelter dogs commercials. I hate that sarah maclachlan song one...gets me every time!

  7. I love what Jen Hatmaker says on this page. What book is that? I've never read anything by her. I have always contemplated pursuing my teaching certificate but the more time I spend in the classroom, the more I realize its not for me. I hear how stressed, tired, and discouraged teacher are. And not just because of behavior or parent issues, all the testing and requirements are taking the fun and creativity out of teaching too. You all have it crazy tough! I recently read a blog post about how education should be based on customer service. I did not agree. I think it's absolute opposite and that mentality is why we have such stress for teachers. I don't expect my doctor to change his treatment plan for me because I think I have a better idea... I could go on.

  8. Oh, Benji! I'm so glad you were able to help him. My husband and I say that if we when the lottery, we'll go to the shelter and rescue alllll the animals.

  9. If ever there were a dog that looks like a Benji, he's it! Adorable (and that's coming from a cat person....)!


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