March 9, 2017

Stuff and Things, Stuff and Things 3/9

+Whew. Thursday. I'm running behind today. I went to bed last night knowing this post wasn't written.

+I'm erasing my 75 books this year goal. It's the second week of March and I'm feeling actual panic over getting "enough" books read this year. Ridiculous. So that's gone. This is what we could lovingly refer to as "self-imposed panic" (I may patent that term if it's not already a thing.)

I've found myself pushing through books and really (really) trying to read each day. If I think back to 6 months ago, I didn't always sit down with a book each day. My new Kindle has made it really easy to do because it's so portable. But I may be stressing quantity over quality. Not that I'm reading books I don't like...but I may be pushing through books I'd otherwise not be reading, just because  I "started it, might as well finish it". This is not productive or helpful to reaching goals.

This is coming to mind now because I read a really great book over the weekend and the experience reiterated that I need to consistently choose quality. We don't always know when we don't like a book right away, but we KNOW when we DO like a book right away.

+Speaking of, I'm reading Eats, Shoots & Leaves and had a conversation with a friend about grammar the other day. I'm ready to start screenshotting bad grammar (apostrophe use mostly) and putting it on here. I found a ton of mistakes while I was looking at some school websites the other day.

+Some things I'm reading: Decision fatigue is why teachers are so tired, features of the Japanese education system, and John Hattie on why you shouldn't tell other teachers how to teach.

+OH! Today is the last day to get a fabulous deal on LashBoost + a regimen of YOUR choice from Rodan+Fields! If you order TODAY, you get a free SUNLESS TANNER!

Sorry, I'm not trying to yell. 

I'm going to be pulling out my Sunless Tanner this weekend. It's bare leg season again. 

+I really like this bag but can't justify it. Is there a word for that?


  1. I'm having a hard time finding a good book lately, too. Maybe it's making time to read - the internet is just easier to digest in small pieces. I really like reading and i'm so happy I rediscovered it (after not reading for fun for nearly a decade) so I don't want to lose that!

    I'm sure if you buy the gold bag, reasons to own it will appear.

  2. That's a nice bag. I love my metallic tote but after a year of carrying it, I'm getting rid of it. 8+ years of commuting with totes instead of backpacks has hurt my back a lot. Time to switch!

    I just DNF a book I thought I really wanted to read. Twenty pages in, not for me. On to the next.

  3. i couldn't do book challenges; i can barely keep up with the library stack i have right now (3 books) let alone trying to polish off a book challenge!

  4. It took me a bit this year to get into books but I've hit a good groove this past month. Even the ones that are just okay aren't bad enough to quit (although I DNF three already this year).

  5. Wanting a bag but not needing it is called "treat yo self".

    Bad grammar (especially that worth a screenshot) is 50% funny, 50% just sad.

  6. I can't even imagine trying to read 75 books. I'm trying to push through Erin's book challenge and have only made it about halfway, with 2 months to go, but I'm finding that the categories are stressing me out and making me not want to read, so I'm letting go of that goal.

    You should totally get the bag!

  7. I can see why that bag is tempting you.
    I set a yearly goal on goodreads for the number of books to read, but I honestly don't worry about it. I think that's why I'm good with the book challenges that I choose. I don't stress too much whether I complete them or not. I just used them as inspiration or encouragement. But, I know there are plenty of people that set a goal and stress to achieve it, no matter what the goal.

  8. I understand the pressure of a self imposed reading challenge. I did it last year and it just ended up being a so-so reading year. This year I set my goal for 12. I read when I want and don't rush myself. I am enjoying my books more. It's weird what we can pressure ourselves into. I've heard good things about that book. It's so easy to forget simple rules when we use choppy sentences/grammar in our daily lives.

  9. I'm glad you aren't pressuring yourself to read a certain amount of books this year. I have 100 on my Goodreads goal, but it's mainly just to see how much I DO read. I don't really care about number.


  10. That bag is nice. I wonder if they have a silver 1? I'm a slow reader. Well I only read at night for like 20 minutes,so I don't make it too far.

  11. I had to force myself to finish the last book that I read and it's killed my reading vibe. I should've just stopped and started a new one, but I'd committed and was really irritated by the time I'd invested into this book.
    Good for you for scratching right through that. No need to stress it, not worth the stress.
    I like that bag too, but am with you on justifying it.


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