January 9, 2017

The week-end

Friday began with a two-hour delay. You will not hear me complain.

I bought a turtleneck for the first time in forever. Very worth it. 

Scott came home from a hunting trip on Friday night. I really missed those dogs.

We opened an Amazon package and saw that the box set of Star Wars DVDs had arrived.

Let me explain: Since I'd never seen the movies and I realize what a cultural phenomenon the franchise is, I decided I will watch them all. I looked up a couple of different ways to do this, and the most practical seemed to be buying them for $7-8 each on Amazon in a box set. Scott loves the movies so, even if I hate them, it won't be a complete waste of money. I'm very invested in dissecting the family trees and plot lines. Like, I need context and I have to figure out what's happening.
We watched The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith this weekend because going in order is a MUST. I hope to have them all finished within the month. I'm taking a systematic approach to this.

Saturday plans got all jumbled out of sort, but we ended up at Wal-Mart and then we went out for dinner with my friend and her husband. He and Scott were deployed together, albeit in different locations, and since she and I became friends during the deployment, we decided that they should be friends too. Scott always appreciates me for things like this.

Also, Scott showed me this video because I was feeling bad about myself the other day and he was trying to cheer me up. It worked a little bit.

Sunday was prepping food for the week, as well as catching up on everything that needed to be done. I made this chicken pot pie soup for dinner and we watched the Steelers win.

Also, Primanti Brothers in downtown Pittsburgh decided they wouldn't be selling fish sandwiches while the Dolphins were in town. Methinks that Primanti Brothers and Alexis (aspiring "dolphin" trainer) should get together and take a class on dolphins not being fish.

I took down Christmas on Sunday also and now the house looks sad, but it was a productive Sunday. I got a jump on making my own birthday cake too. It's of the ice cream variety. Recipe to follow.

Hello, 5-day week.

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  1. Ugh to a 5 day week but yay to 3 day weekend ;)

  2. Taking down the deocr is always rough, but I like how clean the house looks now LOL!Thanks for linking up today! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Yay! Enjoy the Star Wars! I think that 4-6 are WAY WAY better than the first three new ones... :( And haha! I would totally be watching them in order, too! (I was OBSESSED with Return of the Jedi when I was around 12-13 years old.)

  4. ahhh - I cant wait to hear what you think about the movies after you watch them all ;)

  5. I took down my Christmas stuff yesterday too, and then looked around and everything looks so... plain. I haven't really redecorated yet, though, so that should help a tiny bit.

    Trying to make couple friends is so hard! I hope the guys had luck with one another.

  6. I've never seen Star Wars either! I really need to though.

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  8. I took down Christmas this week too but it actually made me feel better for some reason. Christmas was weird this year. Also--can you stop being so cute? (Responding to your email soon, promise.)

  9. Your weekend was way better than mine. I had the plaque...I mean...a stomach bug.

    I couldn't even watch the game. My cousin and her husband are Miami fans and basically despise Pittsburgh, and when we played them earlier in the season the game stresses me out so much, I made Scott turn it off. I checked in on Facebook to keep tabs, but I thought it was best in my dying state to keep my stress level down. ;-)

  10. That chicken pot pie soup sounds amazing!!


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