January 16, 2017

My terrible, horrible, no good, very bad reading habits

Realizing that I was even thinking about writing this post lit a fire under me, so I knocked out three of these over the weekend. Just saying. 

I can't even make this up.

This is how many books I'm currently in the middle of and I just need to finish one (or two, ideally) like right now, because I'm waiting on two very-much-desired holds to come in via the Kindle from the library. That'll put me at 8 current books if I don't get going here...

I'll explain:

Raymie Nightingale. This was from the book order and I grabbed it to pre-read, thinking it'd be a contender for a read aloud. A DiCamillo book is usually a winner in some way or another. It turned into my blow-drying read: I read it while I blow-dry my hair. It's not terrible, but it's not that great, in my opinion. I see the value in it, as a middle-grade book; there's a lot of value actually. But I just am not loving it enough to cruise through it. I do a few chapters a day.

In the Woods. This sat in my car for a week because it was going to be my "I need to get my tire fixed and will need something to read for at least an hour while I wait"-book. I'm scared because I didn't like Tana French's second book (The Likeness) in this series, so I wanted to give myself a do-or-die situation with this one, to really give it a chance. Now I've only got a week to finish it and I'm like 1/6 of the way in. Sigh.

Ashes. This has been my before-bed read. A couple of chapters a night. Slowly but surely. I've been waiting for it to be released since 2011 and there's a sense of I-don't-want-this-series-to-end happening here.

The Mothers. My current audiobook. I like it. But I get distracted with podcasts SO easily. I have one or two that come out each weekday and those always take precedent over an audiobook.

The Girl Who Lied. I downloaded this for a dollar a few months ago when I didn't have anything to read, got a few chapters in, and liked it well enough, but I own it and library books always take precedent over books I own. It's just sitting there, waiting for all other options to be exhausted.

The Family Jewels. I had preordered this Rose Gardner book 6 months in advance. When it showed up, I read a little bit and then stopped because I need to conserve and preserve: the next one doesn't come out until April. I just need to read it already but I need to finish all of these library books first...

In addition to all of that, I like to pick my way through The Happiness Project again each winter, and Angi sent me a gorgeous two-volume edition of all the Little House books for my birthday. So I'd love to re-read that right now.

I really do believe I make things more difficult than they have to be, like times a million. It reminds me of Michael and the deer-hunting story.

What are your reading habits? Less abnormal than mine, I'm guessing?


  1. i used to take out tons of library books at a time and then i'd be sitting there trying to rush through them. discovered that i don't enjoy reading that way so now i only get one or two books at a time and i can really concentrate reading them (i enjoy this way more!).

  2. In the past I would often read 2 books at a time, one lighthearted and one that was more non-fiction/heavy. This year I'm trying to just read one at a time. I'm not even letting myself check out any more than one e-book at a time from the library and I'm hoping that will make a difference.

  3. hahahaha i have never had 6 at once, but i normally have 3 or 4. i'm really trying to slow it down this year and just focus on 1 or 2 at a time. but it's hard! it's what i feel like + what i'm doing + what's available. i have so many books i own that i need to read, but library books magically keep showing up and they need to be read as well, so... you know.

  4. I usually like to do one at a time... but I have 3 going right now. My brain is exploding

  5. lol, I love The Office quotes but that one always makes me cringe for the deer! Lol. I'd like to read more as well, I have trouble doing that since my downtime usually involves being on my computer instead.

  6. Now that I listen to audio books, I can manage reading more than one at a time. I never used to do that before. The only time I really read that many physical books as once is when my students are doing novels. I read their chapters along with them to keep them fresh in my mind. We're also doing a book study this year at work, so there's nonfiction professional text mixed in there.

  7. I'm the same way! I'm always reading more than one, it's hard to finish them all lol.

  8. One book at a time. Which one depends on my mood.

  9. I used to do this more than I do now, mainly because when I was in school, I had a lot of books to read for that PLUS whatever I was currently reading/needed to review. Right now I'm only reading one book, and about to start another, so it will be two at the same time.


  10. I have two going right now -- a fiction and a non-fiction.

  11. I'm really just a one book at a time kind of person--maybe one book for education and one book for pleasure, but not two in the same category.


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