December 12, 2016

Funny stuff.

A funny stuff post because it's Monday.
Also, it was kind of a dismal weekend. Nothing particularly bad happened, but everything seemed to go wrong...some small appliances aren't working....Home Depot messed up our delivery so now I'm dishwasher-less for the foreseeable future....continuing with this remodel, there are electrical issues (I think the lady we bought this house from had/has a severe intelligence deficit)......I had parties to attend (4 in 4 days, but I only went to 3)....errand after errand to run...... presents are NOT ready to send to family yet...... and I'm not feeling at all rested as we head into a very busy week.  Especially since I'm attempting to hook us on a new show so we're trying Stranger Things. This means I went to sleep at 11:30 on a school night. 

All that to say...hopefully some of this makes you at least crack a smile. 

Someone mentioned that someone else thought I didn't like them. Of course I like them. I just don't know them and don't talk to them often. I'm not a social person and I do have a bit of a RBF, so those factors apparently make me seem like I don't like people, which is really depressing. 

This is the dream. To make kids really remember you. Not to throw desks at them.
(Oh wait..maybe this is why people think I don't like them?)

We've been learning about the Founding Fathers and fourth-graders have zero background so I try not to inundate them with too much. I wish I could show them this and have them get it. Honestly, kids aren't as much fun as they used to be (5 years ago or so). They have no prior knowledge, rarely make connections, and are just interested in dumb things like Pokemon and dabbing. 
Now I just sound old. (and no wonder no one likes me)

I say, "...don't forget your math homework. See you tomorrow."
At least two of them will come in the next day and say they forgot to take their math homework home. 

This is my work life, day in and day out. 

And some funny screenshots:

Bearers of pizza always have a smile.
Insert laughing-til-crying emoji here. 

I LOVE my pajamas at 5pm (when it's getting dark at 4:30, it's necessary), but this is hilarious.


What funny things have you seen lately?


  1. 'What Am I? A Farmer?" is one of my favourite 30 Rock quotes, and there are SO many good ones. When I was in elementary school one of my classrooms had a hole in the door and legend was it was there because the teacher had once thrown a desk. Odds are 50/50 as to whether it's true or not.

  2. These are awesome.

    1. How are you liking Stranger Things?
    2. What on earth is dabbing?
    3. Those Washington memes will never, ever get old. Aw yiss.
    4. That Hillary meme...DYING.

  3. I hear ya on the sellers not being great and smart ppl. We ran into a few more issues this past weekend and its like really?

  4. that teacher who dismisses his students by telling them to get out HAHAHA.

    big kudos to teachers who have to put up with youths!

  5. That first meme is definitely me!

  6. I'm so old that I had to think long and hard to determine what "RBF" was. Finally, I figured it out without googling. I'm proud of myself.
    I'm guessing those kids didn't "forget" their homework, they just chose not to take it home. Assholes. Wait, I'm probably not supposed to call a kid an asshole.


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