November 21, 2016

Let's recap.

After being up very late on Tuesday night, I started to lose track of the days.

Sorting through 9 months of mail

Wednesday, Scott unpacked his bags and we went for lunch and ran some errands. 
It was 80 degrees so I wore shorts. 

Thursday, we went for breakfast and stopped at Lowe's for the second time in 24 hours. 

I had this breakfast quinoa at Over Easy and it was amazing.
 I've made this before but think I need to try again. 

Then I had an appointment on base because I managed to sprain my fingers a few weeks ago. It wasn't one big thing that did it; I jammed my hand on something and then just lots of little things added to it: picking up, lifting things, dragging things...

Scott is threatening to give me a manicure.

By Wednesday, my right hand was extremely swollen; twice the size of my left. I couldn't write or type.
So I got a splint and a regimen of Motrin and heating/icing regularly. It's getting better now that I've started taking care of it and stopped ignoring it (never a proven tactic).

This was just the beginning.

Then, Thursday night, it snowed a few inches which was welcome (who am I...) and I went back to work on Friday. 

The happiest dog in all the land.

I spent the weekend watching Hallmark Christmas movies and pulling out decorations. 
Hallelujah to no school. 


  1. Oh, that last picture melts my heart.
    I hope your finger gets better. Those kind of injuries that seem somewhat mild can actually be a bigger pain than we like to admit.

  2. Oh the video makes me smile and I got all teary eyed. I'm so glad he's finally home.
    I'm sorry about your finger.
    And holy crap, we could use some major snow. IT'S SO DRY! Seriously, I feel like my skin is just going to fall off of me because it's just so dry and flaky. I'm over it. I need moisture, or maybe I just need to like bathe in a tub of lotion. Ugh.
    Okay, that's my morning ramble! :)

  3. The last picture is so sweet.

    Hope your hand feels better soon!

  4. I hope your finger heals soon! We haven't had any snow yet but usually by this time of year we've gotten a few flurries.

  5. I hope your hand gets better asap!

  6. That video is the cutest! So weird that it was 80 one day and snowing the next. I need a manicure too, my nails look like shite because it's been SO dry and in the 20's for the last week or two.

    I've never had breakfast quinoa! It looks delicious! If you make it successfully share the recipe, plz :)

  7. we had crazy weather too; on friday is was patio weather! warm, sunny and glorious. last night and today? angry, cold, windy and snow. #rage. i want summer back!!

  8. I was going to comment on your IG asking how excited the dogs were but it appears they weren't excited at all ;) I am jealous of the snow only because we won't get to go skiing this year and its already ready to go!

  9. No school? Yay for you and the rest of America! We have to do two days this week :( Awesome for the snow. It's cold enough to do it here but no rain in the forecast.

  10. Ugh on the sprain. Hope you're healed up soon!

  11. I love how excited the dogs were to see Scott! I'm also pretty sure that ignoring a physical problem is never a good idea. *tsk, tsk*. I am obsessed with Hallmark Christmas movies (even if they're just on in the background), and I cannot WAIT to be off of school for a little while. We're done tomorrow at 2:35.


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