October 12, 2016

(More) Confessions

I've been buying a lot of things lately. Mostly online. (Boots that will go with a anything. New bedding because we only have one set of bedding for our king-sized bed. Everything else we own is queen.) But I tell myself you deserve this. Which is never a good mentality. But a big chunk of that is that Scott is deployed and I spend all day being treated with indifference and, often, being chastised. So yes, I deserve this.

I ask for extra Chick-fil-a sauce when I get nuggets (or anything really) and I hoard it at home and eat it with sweet potato fries.

Something in this window's mechanism broke and it won't stay up on its own. I prop it up with this leftover fascia stone that we used in the basement. It's been like this since May.

I still haven't cleaned this window sill. #prairielife

If I made a list of everything in this house that was slightly broken, but still useable, your mouth would drop open.

I knew my dogs were spoiled when...every time I pull something out of the oven, they assume it's for them and crowd around the counter.

I will forever hover before I click if I suspect an affiliate link. The nondisclosure has to stop. I will not support your Anthro/Target/Nordstrom/etc habit if you don't make it clear that I'm doing that.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when people use dry erase markers or wet erase markers on paper. THEY ARE NOT FOR THAT. I can't even watch when people (other teachers) use an Expo marker on chart paper. I literally have to look away. It makes my teeth tingle.

-------------That's your takeaway from this post: please, oh please, do not use dry erase markers on paper.


  1. funny story: we have walls covered in that dry erase coating in our meeting rooms. they distinguish between regular walls and dry erase walls using gray paint on regular walls. when we had one of our meeting rooms renovated, they weren't quite finished and all the walls were white so we assumed that they were all dry erase...when the meeting started, walls were written on and then when we tried to erase to put more info on it, it would not come off!! hahahahah we had written on a regular wall and to this day, it's still on there LOL

  2. Haha my dog does the same thing! She thinks anything in the kitchen is hers.

  3. Mr. Sketch is the boss for chart paper. End of story!!

  4. Or the reverse, people who write on whiteboards with permanent pen. Not everyone carries around neat alcohol with them for rectifying this... What annoys me about affiliate links is when (US based) bloggers go "buy this jumper!" without any details about where it's from, how much it costs, and use an affiliate link that masks the source thereby forcing me to click on the link to find out that a) it's out of my price range and b) it doesn't ship to the UK anyway.

  5. I hoard Taco Bell Fire sauce ;) haha
    I dont even know HOW to do an affiliate link. Now you're making me more aware of checking that.

  6. I do the hover-over-links thing too.

    My cat crowds the counter and yells at me every single time I open the tea cupboard because that's where his treats are...I swear he's a dog in a little cat body.

  7. Why would anyone ever use a dry erase marker on paper?!?! *shudders*

    That's why I indulge my Sharpie obsession!

  8. I feel like getting people not use to whiteboard markers on paper is a constant struggle and I don't understand why it's such a hard concept. The whole affiliate links thing has been getting more and more annoying and it seems like it's really reached a peek lately.

  9. I like the phrase "slightly broken." So many things at my house are slightly broken right now. I just ignore them. Hah! I fully support your online spending habits, but it's not my money, so that's really easy for me to say.

    Full disclosure: I totally write on chart paper with dry erase markers. Please don't stone me!

  10. "Makes my teeth tingle." That's the feeling I get when my teacher would touch paper with chalk all over her fingers!

  11. I need to buy more stuff online! I deserve it too ;)

  12. i do the hover thing too. i am all about using affiliate links but not saying anything? rude. so so rude. especially when it's like oh i just love this jacket with these shoes. no. it really bugs me. i'm all about people making money if they choose to, but the sneaky way is just so rude.


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