October 7, 2016

Funny Stuffs for Friday.

I don't really care about Halloween, but the bug one.

Scary true.


Unless you live by yourself. Then it's your problem.

Today I'm off to get a flu shot. I, optimistically, assume I'll be sick all weekend like I was last year. Fingers crossed.

Today is the LAST DAY for Pumpkin Swap Sign-ups! I'm shopping this weekend! (if I'm not laid up in bed with flu-like symptoms of course)


  1. They are saying not to get the shot this year, you're also the first one I've seen getting it so good luck with not getting sick!

  2. I got my flu shot last weekend and I was totally fine, if that gives you any confidence!My friend got hers for the first time and she is super thin and often sick and even she was okay. I hope last year was a fluke.

    Also, totally waiting on fall to hit Texas. The high tomorrow is only 85... yay?

  3. That cabinet sound - totally happened to me last night. I too just left it.

  4. LOL the KFC one. I did that once with my avocado salad i made. i dropped half of it on the floor and n early cried..but that didn't stop me from eating it anyway. not even ashamed to admit i did that.

  5. I love that cupboard one. I think I repinned it.

    I've never in my life had a flu shot. I've read that there are a ton of different strains of flu and they're lucky if they capture a SMALL fraction of them to put into an immunization. For me, the possibility of getting super sick from it and it not even really being that effective just isn't worth it.

  6. I've been seeing that mug around a lot lately and every time I just think about how much I miss having Target in my life...even though it's probably best for my bank account.

  7. These are great, the KFC one made me laugh out loud and definitely all about bugs going away!

  8. Hahaha yes to the bugs! They can go the hell away.


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