September 23, 2016

Friday Favorites...

I miss posting on Fridays. It's just exhausting to post 5 days a week, you know? But there's always things I'd like to give a shout-out to.

1. I do totally love the way Nordstrom Rack saves my card info. I went to order something the other night and thought Oh, I don't want to get up to get my wallet. Then Oh, wait. What's this? Done and bought.

2. I am loving that the weather is finally cooling off this weekend. I see some pumpkin cookie baking happening.

3.  I saw this on a friend's FB page and saved it immediately. It's so comforting.

4. I've been keeping up with new fall TV this week. I've watched...
This Is Us ----because social media wouldn't shut was okay...I'm not sure how it's going to be a whole season? Seems kind of like a movie.
New Girl  -------somewhat promising
The Goldbergs --------LOLOLOLOL...seriously, watch this show LOLOLOLOL
Designated Survivor ------Interesting

Up this weekend: Once Upon a Time!

5. Pumpkin Swap Sign-Ups are starting Monday!


  1. I haven't watched any new shows, but everyone is going nuts about This Is Us. I'm going to wait and see if it's worth watching later, once they get a few more episodes in.

  2. I haven't watched This Is Us, though I did read some good reviews about it. I doubt I'll be in the "it made me bawl!" camp though because most people I see saying that are the same ones who cry at Parenthood and that show just makes me want to scratch everyone's eyes out because the parents are all such idiots.

    Cute new purse, though ;)

  3. I watched This is Us, and I'm intrigued. I read that the show will mostly go between 1986 and present day. It sounds interesting enough and I like how the characters are dimensional and not stereotypes. I also watched Designated Survivor because I love Keifer Sutherland (my cat is named Bauer, after all...) and I liked it. It's sill yand requires suspension of disbelief, but I'm okay with it.

  4. I'm going to need to check out this is us. I've heard good things. What network is it on??

    SO EXCITED for Once Upon a Time!!!

    Even more excited for swap sign ups to begin!!

  5. I'm going back through Gilmore Girls reruns in preparation for the new series coming out, plus I'm not ready to start a whole new show in case it turns out to be rubbish. I'm a wimp about tv sometimes.

  6. i've heard a lot about "this is us" and got mixed reviews. it's in the queue; will try out a few episodes to see if i like it.

  7. i really wanted to watch this is us, but i didn't want to stay up that late lol so i might wait until the season is done and watch it all at once. my attention span sucks for week to week. i love/hate when shops save my credit card info lol


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