August 30, 2016

The reason you should up your skincare routine (right now)

I've decided to torture myself lately and look at puppy pictures.

Holy cow...these dogs were the cutest puppies I could ever imagine. I'm working on a gift for Scott so I've been pulling pictures and determining which capture our dogs' personalities.

When Scout was a little guy, life was good.

When we got Jett, it was in the middle of a really hard time. There were medical issues, a move, ending a school year, starting a remodel....Jett got the shoddy end of the deal.

And something I noticed in particular, around the time we got Jett, was how terrible my skin was.

Jett, himself, has perfectly gingered fur.

I have make-up on in this picture. Make-up couldn't even hide it. At this point, I had even been to a dermatologist and they had given me nothing that worked (truly, I don't believe in dermatologists...they spot-treat acne and that's not how acne, that's severe enough to see a dermatologist, needs to be treated).

What did work?

Well, you probably already know that the Unblemish regimen from Rodan and Fields did.  

Truthfully, monthssss after I got my Unblemish results, I ended up with a diagnosis of a hormone imbalance and that's what caused my skin to do what it did. While I take a medicine now that's supposedly working to correct this over the long-term, guess what has kept my skin clear all along the way?

Rodan and Fields. 

Do you know what I keep using, not only for acne purposes, but for anti-aging and skin-soothing purposes?

Rodan and Fields.

I have to say that if you are looking to live your *best* life, skincare is a huge part of it.
I don't even like to think about the year of 2014 because of the skin problems I dealt with. I don't read back on those blog posts. I don't reflect back on the decisions I made or food I ate or the trips I took. I want to remember none of it. Which is really awful. It's why I don't like to think about our move to Colorado, or our last 6 months in Missouri. It was just...awful.

My point is: if you think something concerning your skin is holding you back... holding you back from being yourself, or participating in life, or going after something you want... you need to change your skin. You can! It works! You will get what you want out of your skin if you treat it with products that are meant to make it better!

These are pharmaceutical-grade products. I became a consultant because THEY WORK!

Unblemish is the #1 Premium Acne Brand in the country. And, to really put it bluntly, even if what you use already is good, this is better. Good enough is not good enough. Trying and testing and spending money and switching products is not worth it. I played that game. It was terrible and uncertain.

Whether it's acne, or sun damage, or eczema, or rosacea, or wrinkles, or dryness, or bug bites, or sun protection...I could go on and on...There is something that will help you get to the skin you need.

Try out this 30 second Solution Tool and see what products would be a good fit for you. It's a starting point. A jumping off point. It's not set in stone. Your products you use aren't static either. You can change your order every 60 days. You can mix, match, and test out whatever you want. I currently use a combination of two different regimens, because I have (I've discovered) a few different skin needs at this point.

I'm writing this post because there are few things I'm this passionate about (puppies and skincare just happen to be two of them). I feel a little like yelling it from the rooftops...RODAN AND FIELDS CAN HELP YOU TOO! 

So, ask away. Questions welcomed! I'll help you along the way, because I'm a customer too.


  1. I'm glad you found something that works for you. I had cystic acne (or whatever it's called) in my late 20s and had to go on a 60 day antibiotic to clear it up. I am so grateful it never came back.

  2. aww wi want to squeeze baby Scout and get a puppy lol.
    my skin has never really been horrible, but it's definitely getting worse and acting crazy randomly as i get older. i have some things i need to fix, if they can be fixed. it's a goal of mine to get my skincare routine squared away by the time i am 30, but i'm gonna look into it more when i come back from vacation. but for now i'll look at that solution tool thing!

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