August 15, 2016

Play-by-Play of Days

Recaps can be the worst. If I recapped a summer day of mine for you, you would yawn and sigh and wonder why you were reading. I know you'd feel that way because I often feel that way when looking for a new blog to read.

Some people do weekend recaps well, and some do not. This recap is awful and I know it's awful. I wrote it that way on purpose.

I told my friend I was willing to recap my weekend in excruciating detail, as an experiment in tediousness.

Friday night:

(This already feels tedious.)

Got home about 4:30pm and walked the dogs. Then I drove them down to the mailbox (2 miles) because we do that almost every day. Then I opened up the FedEx package that had been left on my porch: my new tote bag. Week is complete.

Did some text messaging with friends, did some Rodan and Fields business while I ate zoodles and chicken meatballs (my own recipe...I can share soon), Walked the dogs one more time. Did a 37 minute Pilates Flexibility video.

Watched one and a half episodes of Shameless (season 6...I'm almost done :(, while I created labels and wrote notes to parents and worked on some lesson-planning.

Ate a bowl of frozen yogurt. Got a message from Scott. He's been gone for about 6 months now and, as I get busy with the start of school (and obviously he's busy overseas), he seems farther away than ever and I just try not to think about it.

Went to bed around 10:30pm.

It was actually a productive night.


Woke up naturally at 6:10am. Let the dogs out, made coffee, sat down to work on school things. Was interrupted by the dogs multiple times.

Drank a smoothie. Walked the dogs. Took a shower.

Drove to the commissary for the week's groceries and the PX for a few things I needed.

Came home and grazed through the kitchen for lunch because I wasn't really that hungry.

At 1:00, my friend came over with her dog so Jett and Scout could have a puppy playdate.  I enjoyed a Red's Apple Ale and some pretzels.

Around 4:30, I cleaned everything up, fed the dogs, and ate some leftovers from the night before.

I honestly don't even remember how I puttered away the time for the rest of the evening (does it even matter?), but I do remember walking the dogs around 8pm and then eating some greek yogurt and climbing into bed with another episode of Shameless. I also had a brownie.


Woke up around 6:30am and tried to get a head start on the week. Laundry, lunch prep, cleaned a bit, etc. Drank coffee and worked on some blog posts.

Walked the dogs. Made eggs, and enough bacon to get me through the week. Or two days. Whatever.

Went to meet my coworker at school around 10:00am so we could knock out a few things.

Then Scott called and I talked to him in the parking lot for awhile and then I got into the school around 11:00. I sorted some papers, printed a few things, looked for something I wanted to put on the wall, couldn't find it, and then settled with another sign that more or less said that same thing ("Writing") and then I left and went to Target.

It was packed. Must be the back-to-school shoppers, right? I got a few things for school, and then a dress for $13 so that was a win.

Came home, made a smoothie and a salad for lunch.

Called my mom.

Typed up learning targets for writing.

Made dinner and then packed up leftovers for Monday. Whether it will be lunch or dinner, I know not, but I have food almost ready for when I'm too tired and staring longingly at a bowl of cereal or something.

Walked the dogs, showered, watched an episode of Shameless while plowing through some more learning targets.

Did a relaxing foam roller "workout" to stretch before bed.

The end to another tedious and boring weekend. Can you remind me in 6 months that I actually like weekends? Because I've really disliked them for the last few months.


In other news, I'm doing this photo-a-day challenge because I'm craving some creative direction.

Starting mid-month is okay, right?


  1. I'm not a fan of weekends either! It's weird how as I've gotten older that I prefer weekdays.

  2. You'll love your weekends once school starts! ;)

  3. I'll have you know I read every word of this and wasn't bored once. However, if you did this EVERY weekend...

    I've been trying to find new bloggers lately also, and I'm struggling to remember how I found good ones in the first place. I feel like blogging has changed a lot. It's either nothing but mundane weekend recaps and "confessions" or completely monetized blogs with nothing personal. Sigh.

  4. A play-by-play is okay every so often but yes, I can see how this would get tedious, especially when someone does the same thing every weekend.

    If you need to talk about Shameless more, I'm here for you! I wonder when season 7 will be on Amazon Prime?

  5. this is why i don't do weekend recaps lol. my weekends are rarely exciting, and for the most part i just sit down and read or something boring. i have nothing against those that do weekend recaps if they do fun things on the weekend, but yeah. i am not one of them lol. chicken meatballs and zoodles sounds good.. i still haven't made zoodles and i've had the spiral maker thingy for 2 years. it's still in the packaging.

  6. Things have been tedious and boring for me, too. I'm so bored, but I don't want to do anything. It's a catch 22. BUT I don't think it'll take 6 months for you to like weekends again. I'm sure as soon as school starts, you'll remember. ;)

  7. Haha, I know how you feel. I've thought about doing a snapshot of my day by the hour, but then I am like, "will anyone care to ever read that?"...but I always love this stuff.

  8. I am one who likes the mundane details. I know not everyone does!

  9. I don't do weekend recaps either because they're pretty boring and usually consist of cleaning and getting ready for the next week. I do, however, enjoy reading other people's! I actually thought yours was fun to read!

  10. I don't typically do weekend recaps because I never feel like anything I do is worthy of a blog post. Like sitting on my couch in sweat pants or doing yard work is probably something that most people aren't interested in seeing. lol

  11. I'm doing a time tracking challenge in order to foster productivity in business (working from home is harder than I thought it would be), and I swear they all read like this post haha!


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