August 3, 2016

More Bachelorette Things.

+Every time Jojo cries about "making a mistake", I think YOU ALREADY DID week after week after week. These tweets summed a lot of those thoughts up.

+I had this theory that she had such a hard time choosing in that last episode because she realized she'd already sent home the best guys for her, therefore she just had to work with what she had left.

+A phone conversation...

Me: I was up late watching The Bachelorette.
Scott: OH GOD....
Me: Indeed.
Scott: Who did you want to win?
Me: The war veteran. Luke.
Scott: What's his last name?
Me, yelling into the next classroom:  What's Luke's last name??
Coworker: ...Pell.
Me: Pell.
Scott: ...any guy who posts this many selfies has issues...

+It was obvious from day one that she just liked Jordan the best. That's it. End of story. He gave her no reason to, and maybe they do have a great relationship (side-eye goes here), but no one else stood a chance.

+Robby had me convinced. Like, he really pulled out the big guns. I liked him in the last episode. He's not the type I would ever go for (that hair...shudder), but he was probably good for her.

+Jordan just had to read from a slip of paper, not even a script, to tell her what she wanted to hear and that was it. She would pick him.

+Wells favorited my friend's tweet.  If you haven't listened to the Here to Make Friends interview with Wells, go for it. He seems awesome.

BENNNNNN was in the audience, which seemed really odd. That's like inviting your ex from 6 months ago to your engagement party. Also, did Lauren look like a completely different person to anyone else?

+And Jordan put on a nice proposal. I'll give him that. And I liked the ring he picked out. I hope, really, that it does work out. There's too many failed relationships in this world.

+Here's a great recap.


  1. All of the Luke pics on Google... I had no idea his abs were that amazing.
    I didnt like Robbie till the last episode too.
    I have been a Jordan fan from the beginning though. I think he's dreamy :) I really do love his personality. Do I think it'll work... meeehhh - but it was good to see him win. I heard he got a ESPN gig from it all. Good for him.
    ... I thought it was HORRIBLY strange to have the last guy she was in love with & wouldnt STOP TALKING ABOUT in the audience

  2. Lauren looks like she's dropped about 20 pounds and had some sort of work done, at the very least Botox. I'm not sure why. She was really cute before and while Ben is cute, too, it's not like he's some super ripped GQ model that she needs to keep up with...


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