July 8, 2016

5 Friday Links.

+This tells why you could/should use the Reverse Dual Active Brightening Complex. It repairs past damage and brightens and lightens your skin. If you want to take one simple step toward repairing your skin, this is it!

+This tells you why you should do Pilates for just 10 minutes a day and expect results.

+This is a gorgeous planbook. It's $75 at its base price though, so I have to wonder if that gold is made out of actual gold foil or something.

+I get that this sounds a little preachy at times, but outer order does contribute to inner calm for just about everyone, right? Here's a few very easy things I try to do every day. 

+Motivational posters made out of Chad quotes. 

Was anyone else sorely disappointed in the fact that there was no Bachelorette this week? 

I would say HAPPY FRIDAY, but all the days kinda run together right now. And I'm publishing this in real time, at 12:10am MST, because I got home late from playing BINGO with a bunch of other elementary teachers at the local bingo place.
We did not win a thing. 
As one friend said, we simply paid for the experience


  1. I love me some Bingo. I try to do my 10-15 minutes of Pilates every day. Except I totally didn't today... whoops.

  2. Ok, I joined the 30 day Pilates challenge! I'm going to try it, I'm always terrible about going to the gym in summer - because, who wants to get walk to the apartment complex gym, get hot and sweaty while walking in 100+ degree temps, then workout getting hotter and sweatier, then walk home??
    And I've been meaning to email you to ask you about teaching and what you think of it like, as a career and everything.
    Also, I have no idea what email address this post will link to/show up as(probably nothing, with my luck haha!), but if it's a no-reply, it's Mallory and my email is californiatokansas@gmail.com

  3. I won a Erin Condren last year & love it but man, I dont know if I can pay for one. SO FREAKING EXPENSIVE!

  4. I might need to join the Pilates challenge! Jess at Just Jess

  5. I hear ya about days running together, I feel the same way all the time.

  6. hahaha bingo. i haven't gone to bingo in ages. fun!
    ok, you sold me on the pilates thing. i have been trying to get back into yoga, but perhaps i need to give 10 minutes a day of pilates a shot.
    i'd definitely be interested in that brightening stuff... maybe in a few months when finances are a bit better lol.
    love that list of things to do for outer order.. i hate making my bed though. i know. it's not good. but i do like doing all the other things and i feel better when they are done.

  7. I swear by a planner that I write in but this summer I've been relying on my google calendar and its getting hard to remember to write in the one. Aye ye ye!

  8. That IS a gorgeous planner. I just can't get on board with paying that much for one. That's completely insane. If it costs that much, it should complete my tasks FOR me. Haha

  9. $75? I have/will pay a lot for planners but $75 base is too much even for me. LOL


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