June 29, 2016

Whoa, whoa...

...don't think that I've been wearing real clothes and shoes lately. This is from two months ago. I found these pictures while I was cleaning out my computer the other day.

I bought this dress last April and have been meaning to show it to you all ever since. Funny how that goes. It's Lucky Brand, from TJ Maxx. It's sleeveless and has pockets. I wore it probably about 10 times in the last year. 
On this particular day, a kid told me I looked like a stained-glass window.
 I'm guessing, by my red face, that is was very hot on this afternoon.

The shoes are from Famous Footwear and they are Dr. Scholl's. I love Dr. Scholl's wedges because they are light as a feather, comfortable, and you'd never know they're Dr. Scholl's. This is my second pair. 


  1. LOL @ the dog appearance. Mine are always like really?

    Love those shoes.

  2. I love that dress!!! It's super cute!

  3. I love your stained glass window dress. Wedges are the best.

  4. Super cute! Since summer break started, I could probably count the number of times I've worn real clothes on one hand.

    That might be a *slight* exaggeration, but not by much.

  5. oooh this dress is so pretty! it does look a bit stained glass-ish. i really like those wedges, i had no idea Dr. Scholl's made wedges, i will have to check them out when i allow myself to shop again haha.

  6. I have a pair of Dr. Scholl's knee high, high heeled boots. They are a wonder and I will never part with them.


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