June 22, 2016

Updates and Such

Sometimes I feel like I keep a lot to myself. I didn't used to, but I just kind of do now. I'm not sure where this has come from. I share a lot on this blog, but not as much as I used to, say, four years ago.

Here are some things I thought of sharing, didn't, and then wanted to share before I forgot.

Scott lost his wedding ring. He told me via Skype one day I was going to kill him and I thought it meant his stock crashed in the market (he likes to play the market). He said he lost his ring at the gym. Which is sad and depressing and it wasn't an expensive ring but obviously has a lot of sentimental value. 7 years, 4 deployments, etc. He said he was going to order some of the rubber rings (more than one because he does tend to lose things) and we'd just get him a new one when he got home.

Then he said he found his ring, almost two weeks later. I asked where and he said he asked the attendant at the gym one more time and the guy said Yeah! I just found this! and pulled it out of his pocket. I asked Scott if he was sure it was his and he was like Yeah, it is because it is so scratched and nicked and bent that, seriously now, it couldn't be anyone else's.

I think he might be getting a new ring for Christmas anyway.

The township we own a house in in Pennsylvania...sorry, that sentence sounds weird. Scott owns a house in Pennsylvania and the township sent me a letter saying that ordinance something-or-other was being violated because there were weeds over 8 inches high. They sent me a picture of the violation.

I gave this major side-eye because, if you knew the neighborhood, weeds 8 inches high are the least of the problems. However, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt (as my mom told me to do) and assume they're trying to clean up the area. My parents graciously went over to the house and cut down all the weeds and then I took the new pictures and watermarked them with the address and date and passive-aggressively sent them to the township.

After all of this was dealt with, I told Scott about it. Because that's how deployment works: you keep a lot of things to yourself so as not to stress out the soldier and you attempt to deal with everything you possibly can without having a discussion about it. He doesn't need my questions because I'm an adult (sort of) and my power of attorney proves it.

Anyway, I was not very nice to the township about it. I have 18 million things to worry about right now and they're not one of them. They had addressed the notice to him and I responded back with He is currently deployed to Afghanistan and will not be receiving your letters. Address your notices to me. I don't think my bitterness snuck in too much, right?

When I eventually told Scott about it, he said I've got 99 problems and Decatur Township ain't one. I agree.

I was looking around the house the other day, wondering what I could do with my time and I decided I didn't like the yellow bathroom anymore. I painted this bathroom yellow less than two years ago. I really wanted a yellow bathroom. I still like the idea of a yellow bathroom but not in this house. In fact, at this moment, I want this bathroom to be not-yellow. And I like gray. Most of our rooms are painted gray, and I particularly like the shade Valspar Rocky Bluffs that's in the kitchen. So I found the leftover paint and went to work.


I adore this new chair from Homegoods and just wish, so badly, that I had new carpeting in this guest bedroom. Every time Scott asks me what I want for a birthday or anniversary or something, I say new carpeting in the guest room. He offers up anything else (even tiling the bathrooms) because he doesn't want to do the carpeting because it's an annoying task.

The other day Scott asked me what I would do with a windfall, should we come into one (again, he plays the market).

I told him I would hire someone to put in a carpet.


  1. I ADORE posts like these. I feel like I just sat down and had coffee with you. I miss you, friend. Also--I love your desk + desk area :)

  2. I am so grey obsessed. Paint everything grey :)

    How is there time & money for waste on weeds? We used to have police come down to our work & say someone complained about the garbage on our property - when it was just a McDonalds cup (mcdonalds was next door) had blown over... & across the street was the sleeziest tattoo shop that I swore was a drug house & it was a HOT MESS... & the cops always said they felt bad they had to follow their orders. SO DUMB.

    Glad the ring was found!

  3. That's an awesome chair! I have a hankering for a new HomeGoods chair for the living room.

  4. I love the gray. Painting bathrooms is a great thing to do when you're alone - ours went from white to navy blue last spring. ;)

    I vote you guys just hire someone to replace the carpet. It shouldn't be that expensive if it's just one room and although I'm a huge fan of self-remodels, sometimes there's just that ONE task that you can't even think about doing and so paying someone else to do it is worth it.

    I like these share posts!

  5. A lot of people think gray is so bland, but I seriously love it! Our kitchen and master bedroom are different shades of gray, and it's so pretty because you can add pops of color in other ways through wall art/accessories. Those township people sound annoying.

  6. I think Scott's response to the township drama was perfect!

    Nice paint job!!

  7. Love the gray! Almost every room in our home is a shade of gray. :)

  8. Kyle lost his wedding ring in Haiti while deployed and he never found it. he was way more upset about it than I was.

  9. oh i love that chair and i hope you get new carpeting soon :)
    KC lost his original wedding band in our backyard within the first year, i think. he is now on ring number 4. like bloody hell, thank goodness they aren't that expensive!


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