May 2, 2016

Summing up.

I wish I could say that the weekend was filled with beautiful weather and clear sunsets like this one from a few weeks ago.  
It was not.
We started off with a snowstorm.

This sums up Friday.

Yes. It was "Stitches". Ugh. Also, it's that magical time of year when 4th graders turn into 5th graders and they no longer want to just make me happy.

And they did cancel the 5K #becauseColorado.

Saturday involved cleaning and grading. And I watched an entire season of The Goldbergs while I cleaned and graded.

And I still wasn't finished with the grading, so that continued into Sunday. I had plans to go out and do something but it was so windy and cold and dreary that I just didn't. There was nothing that I needed so badly that it couldn't wait (like ice cream or coffee creamer or some other necessity), so I stayed home.

I watched almost another entire season of The Goldbergs (because I am that exciting) and I drank hot chocolate (because that's what you do on May 1st, right?).

And in case you missed it, here's my blog every day in May proclamation.

Scout was irritated at the weather too. He does this when he's mad. He destroys nothing permanently, but just feels the need to disrupt the order of things. He's done this since he was a 6 pound puppy. He has a lot of feelings, I guess.


  1. Scout is the most ridiculous pup ever and I just love him! I'm feeling you on the "ugh" part of the summer fast approaching with children. I have a story for you that you just won't believe when we finally have a chance to catch up.

  2. Meanwhile in Florida, it was 90 degrees, and I wanted to murder someone, lol. I would just like a happy medium!

  3. I laughed so hard at Scout's feelings.
    Bo gets feelings when David's been gone for a while. I came home the other day to find David's leather motorcycle vest in the floor with only the side stitching eaten out of it which is actually a HUGE thing for Bo because I once came home to the following eaten: David's leather wallet, a sleeve off his leather jacket, leather strap of MY purse (jerk), and a strap off MY boot (again... jerk of a dog. He's also been known to eat holes in walls, trash just because he's big enough to do so, anything off the counter because he's big enough and just can... but spitefulness happens when David's gone. David's lost a lot of random things just because of Bo's feelings.

  4. Lol the last picture is hilarious!! Also, now I have stitches stuck in my head...

  5. I'm with Scout.

    Sorry for the crap weather. We had it here too except for a bit of sun on Saturday that was totally unexpected and really glorious.

  6. I *hate* "Stitches". Worst.

    I hope it makes Scout feel better to throw a few pillows on the floor...I wish that's all it took for people to feel better.

  7. I have no idea what song you're talking about and I feel that I should be pleased with that.

    Scout is my spirit animal.

  8. I love to VISIT Colorado, but the weather that you describe is not a place I want to live. Boo!

  9. Is that rug from lowes? Because I totally saw it there the other day when we were looking :)

  10. oh well, ignore my other comment about hoping your 5k went well.
    Scout is hilarious. i'm sorry about your snowstorm. we had rain, and lots of it.

  11. Ugh. If it snowed here, I would cry. I don't blame you for not leaving the house. I wouldn't!


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