May 27, 2016

5 Things Friday

1. Uhhhhh I'm watching The Bachelorette. I hate it but I can't stop. It is the most dramatic kind of train wreck.

Scout does not enjoy it.

2.  I created a bucket list of TV shows I must watch/catch-up on this summer. Talk about dreaming big.

3. Scout had a birthday this week.

4. Yesterday we had a nasty hailstorm.

5. Yesterday was also our 7 year anniversary. Other anniversary posts can be seen here. SEVEN YEARS!

I like that there's no guesswork. It's always tulips that arrive on the doorstep. 

And Scout is looking at the hail and not comprehending that that is why we can't go for a walk. 


  1. 1) Yup ;)

    Happy anniversary (SEVEN YEARS!) and happy birthday, Scout!

  2. Happy anniversary! The flowers are gorgeous.

  3. I always watch The Bachelor/The Bachelorette. It is just my guilty pleasure when it comes to TV. My hands down favorite season was Sean Lowe (he was on Emily Maynard's season) because he was so genuine about everything. But I love watching it purely for the drama (hello Olivia last season) and the people crying after one episode "I thought he/she was my spouse!" You know what you're getting yourself into people...

    And happy anniversary!

  4. That hail storm was insane! We were out driving around when it started. I almost cried thinking about all of the possible dents on my new car. Thankfully, nothing.

    And, happy anniversary :)

  5. Happy birthday Scout and happy anniversary to you and Scott!

  6. aw happy anniversary and happy birthday to scout. i love tulips. we don't celebrate anniversaries much, oops. i should try and make tulips a thing. that hail looks intense!


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