April 15, 2016

Skirts and Patterns

I wore this skirt a few months ago and Scott told me I look like that teacher lady from TV. I knew he was talking about Jessica Day on New Girl.  I have a hard time resisting a flouncy skirt and this one was only $12ish from Old Navy. It has little white polka dots.

This was Monday.

My floor isn't dirty..it's antique, I swear.

And the skirt is nice and wrinkled from a day of school, but you get the idea.

I also had a conversation with coworkers about how I don't wear pants. 
I really don't and I realize that is pretty odd. 
I have like 4 pairs, including jeans, because I never wear them. I prefer thick leggings (with pockets = kinda like pants) or dresses. Sometimes even skirts are too much work because you have to find a top to match. 

Or somewhat match.  I had this idea for pattern mixing and didn't go through with it because I got on Pinterest at 6am and noticed that all the pattern mixing was same color/different pattern. These are the few outfits I could find that mixed pattern AND color (which is what I was planning to do). I was basically looking for validation of my pattern mixing idea and couldn't really find it. When you can't find something on Pinterest, it's something that doesn't actually exist. 

Therefore, I didn't go through with it.
And I think I just wore a dress that I wear all the time. 

And then I went to gap.com and ordered a new dress because I was annoyed that it was only Thursday. It was on sale. 

This was all before 7am. 


  1. Even if you looked like a "teacher from tv" I think you looked cute! :)

  2. Cute outfit! :)

    I might have just spent a bunch of money this week for retail therapy because I was annoyed that it was Wednesday. In my defense, though, summer is coming and all of my shorts are too big. (Which, I suppose, is actually not a BAD problem...)

  3. hahaha at ordering a new dress because you were annoyed it was only thursday. i feel that. i love skirts too, but i am not a fan of short skirts, they need to be almost knee length (how old am i?) and finding a shirt to match can be annoying. i am pretty scared of pattern mixing, you should do whatever you want, post it on pinterest and voila. it exists ;)

  4. I love it! I think her style on New Girl is adorable. So there's that!

  5. Funny because I don't ever really wear skirts or dresses to work!


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