March 7, 2016

Currently (Two)...


There's something I really adore about Brett Eldredge.
Reading...I finished Adam Carolla's Daddy, Stop Talking. Really funny. Started Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes (taking advantage of an Audible sale here) and it's enthralling so far.

Buying...this hand cream from Bath and Body Works.  I have seriously chapped and damaged hands in the winter. Add in high altitude and I don't even know what to do when I'm washing my hands a dozen times a day. I'm liking it so far. 

Eating...I went to Chick-fil-a during lunch on Friday. I never get to go out for lunch (maybe once every 2-3 months), so on a teacher-workday, when I could take a real lunch break, it was a welcome treat. I went mainly for the lemonade. 

Drinking...iced caramel macchiatos (one pump of syrup) and peppermint tea.

Watching...Fuller House. I was hesitant because I don't like rewatching old sitcoms (I find it kind of depressing). However, this sequel is really well-done in my opinion. The original show was cheesy enough, which is probably why I watched it (and was allowed to watch it) as a kid. This one is more of the same.

I finished the season at school on Friday while grading papers. narrowing down my to-do list. Using Wunderlist is awesome because it keeps me organized but it is way too easy to add, add, add more tasks. being lame.  I went to bed at 8:30 on Friday and by 9:00 on Saturday. I get up naturally around 6:30. I wish I could get up at that time and still make it to work on time during the week. theory that Scout got me sick.  Zoonosis is a real thing and I was sick Thursday and Friday, just days after Scott had it, and days after SCOUT the dog had it.

What's *currently* going on with you?


  1. Fuller House is a cute series and although cheesy like the original, I actually like that about it. So many shows today are trashy and filthy that I would never want my kids watching it, but this one I would be completely comfortable in letting them watch it.

  2. I am in bed super early too, nothing wrong with that.

  3. Fuller House is cheesy but its a must just because! I hear season 2 is coming out soon as well.

  4. I love Brett Eldridge too - I hadn't heard this song yet though (I have been working from home so have missed my morning commute/music time). I feel the same way about rewatching old sitcoms - but loved Fuller House, it was super cheesy, but I liked it and teared up a few times. Nostalgia, I suppose?

  5. I am loving Fuller House. I love that it's as cheesy as the original - I feel there are a few more "adult" jokes this time around but maybe the original had them too and they just went over my head because I was a kid? Who knows but I love it.

    I tried to watch the first episode of Girl Meets World the other day (even though I wasn't as obsessed with Boy Meets World as most people) and it was so bad. SOOOOO bad. I couldn't even finish it.

  6. I don't like when my wunderlist lists are scrollable. I want to keep my to dos to the top screen! LOL

  7. I've so far managed to muddle through life without any to-do list system and I feel that the time has come to get serious about things. I installed the Wunderlist app and used it for about a day before totally failing to check it again. I may try transferring my current spreadsheet to do list into the desktop version and giving it another crack that way...

  8. There are a few products that I just can't get a comparable product I'm happy with in Australia. Bath & Body Works body cream is one. It provides the perfect amount of moisturization without feeling too thick. And, it gives enough scent that I don't bother with perfume.

  9. I loved Full House growing up, and I really loved Fuller House, too! I thought it was the perfect amount of sweet and cheesy! :)


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