March 21, 2016

Currently (four)

I've replaced my after-school chips and salsa habit with a green smoothie. 

Buying...two pairs of spring and summer shoes (they were on sale last week when I got them). I'm such a creature of habit. These are replicas of shoes I bought last year, in different colors.

Resisting...buying this mug.

Listening....ugh, I can't stop. These are the best books I've come across in a very long time.

Discovering....the gif keyboard.  Oh my. There is a gif for every moment of every day.

I love a good Nicholas Cage sigh of exasperation. I can relate to the feeling--every time I see a paper handed in without a name.

Wanting...a pedicure. But since it's cold again, maybe I should wait a few weeks.

Feeling....somewhat relaxed after a massage yesterday. I made an appointment for another one in June. Putting things on the calendar is a surefire way to actually make them happen, right? This might be how I make it through this deployment. One massage (and one pedicure) at a time.

Appreciating...that it's spring break, so I'm also feeling like a happy Ron Swanson.


  1. I love those sandals from Target. They still have all their shoes BOGO 50 in case you need more ;)

  2. I've been trying to do a massage once a month for about two years. I finally started scheduling them in advance because otherwise they are really not happening.

  3. If you buy that mug, I'll buy that mug. Hell, I'll buy it anyway.

  4. I keep telling myself I need to do something with my toes also but I keep putting it off especially since we got snow and cold back.

  5. I love the Target Toms, as I call them. I have multiple pairs in different patterns. And I just watched the FNL last week where Saracen gets drunk at a bar with Riggins and they go to The Landing Strip and it's so wrong but so good at the same time.

  6. I love both of those pair of shoes! I have similar ones as well.

  7. Oh yes, I'm pretty sure I have that Nicholas Cage thing going on multiple times a day.

    And I must agree with Angi's comment...what IS a gif keyboard?!

  8. good job on the smoothie instead of chips and salsa. and gosh darn it, you've convinced me to give those books another go.

  9. Tell me more about this gif keyboard. How do I get this?!

  10. I need a spring break something fierce. There's a rumor floating around the house that they kids might be out of town for a few days which would mean I get a few days off...keep your fingers crossed for me. I own the same sandals, and I need that mug.


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