February 8, 2016

Since no one else is talking about Serial...

As much as I enjoyed the first season of Serial, this season is draining my patience. 
I was apprehensive when I heard what/who the subject was. It hits kind of close to home, simply because that was Scott's brigade in Afghanistan that Bowe walked away from.  And he did indeed walk away, and the general consensus in this household (uh, and in the military community) is that Bowe is an absolute idiot. 

I don't like Bowe, I don't like what he did, and I don't like the way Sarah Koenig seems to be defending him.  Basically, listening to season 2 makes me want to plug my ears.  Thoughts?  I could go on for days. No one deserves to be held and tortured like he was, but he was also no POW.

However, Sarah Koenig and the powers that be must have realized that the natives were getting restless and the exciting element of investigation is what has been missing from season 2...
In a last ditch effort to keep listeners, she's giving Adnan updates in real time, day to day, whenever need be, at Adnan's hearing that is currently happening. This hearing will determine if he gets a new trial based on his terrible lawyer the first time around and new evidence in the form of an alibi witness. 

Unfortunately, there's a continuation of the hearing today and Sarah Koenig can't be there because she "needs" to be in the studio recording the next episode of season 2.  I'll speak for us all by saying no one cares. She'd be doing us all a favor by sitting in a Baltimore courtroom today.

Thoughts on this?


  1. I havent listened to the second season since she started doing every other week...after taking a break for Christmas and New Years. I've found it interesting to listen to, but I also didn't have the personal experience that you guys do, so I can understand your feelings.
    I'm definitely interested to see/hear what happens with Adnan's case!!

  2. No interest at all in Bowe or season two. I liked the unknown element of season one. I don't want to hear her go over a national news case.

    I am still interested in Adnan and what happens to him.

  3. I really need to start listening to this!

  4. SAME. I wanted to love this season, but last season was just so much more interesting!

  5. Ugh yes. I listened to two episodes, decided I couldn't listen to Bergdahl defending his stupid butt, and quit. I was happy when you said on IG that she had Adnan updates. And yeah, I was grumpy she couldn't continue with his hearing because of her need to go back... must be a contract thing. Either way. Dumb.

  6. This season is not at all what I expected. I agree; it seems like one giant defense of what he chose to do rather than an unbiased or even two sided account. She's playing him like a sympathetic character rather than someone who did something he shouldn't have. I got a lot more conflict in her reporting of Adnan and I think that's what made it so compelling to listen. She really didn't know if he's guilty or not. This one it just seems like he's a poor victim.

    I also COMPLETELY agree that she needs to stay in Baltimore rather than record a new season 2 episode (even if her live, unscripted reporting isn't exactly her strength).

  7. i had no idea there was even a second season, but it doesn't sound like i want to listen to it anyway. i did enjoy the first one though so that's cool about the updates.

  8. I didn't know enough about the Bergdahl case to have much of an opinion beforehand, and this season is still boring. I think part of what made season one interesting was her personal interest in Adnan as a person and trying to reconcile a seemingly nice guy with a horrible crime. The fact that she can't even interview her subject was a hindrance from the start. I haven't listened to any of the new Adnan stuff but thanks for reminding me - I probably will on my way home later.

  9. The subject is too close to home for me as well, my husband had to screen the first episode and said I'd find it too upsetting so should just skip it. Plus he said it wasn't that great anyway so I wasn't missing out on much. I think they've suffered from the classic curse of the follow up to a surprise hit. It never goes well. Maybe her third try might go better??

  10. I haven't listened to the second season yet. I can understand how it would upset you with it hitting so close to home like that!

  11. No one else is talking about Serial because this season sucks. lol. I agree with you. I'm not sure what the point of this season is. With Adnan's case, there was investigative reporting taking place. There was an element of mystery to be solved. There's none of that in Season 2. It's cut and dry. Bowe walked away from his unit. Whether or not he had good reason for doing so (I don't think he did), what's the mystery??

    I've been listening to Undisclosed's updates of the hearing, too. So if Sarah needs to abandon us for this lousy second season, I'll live. ;)


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