January 4, 2016

Pictures at Red Rock Canyon

This is a nice little cop-out post on a Monday when I have to go to work after two weeks off.  
Such is life. 

The dogs rarely (never) cooperate when out of their element. They waited in the truck.

Pictures by Kayce Photography.  She's based in Temple, Texas. 


  1. Love all of these photos and the fact that they are candid shots. Would look great on a canvas! Have a great week!

    1. I've used Easy Canvas Prints before and they are great quality. Watch for a sale, and you can usually get some pretty good deals!

  2. I love them all! Even the one with the dogs not looking.

    I'm with Cara, canvas a few of these and hang them!

  3. These turned out amazing! :)

  4. Hello, photogenic people...love 'em!

  5. aw i kind of love the one of the dogs not looking. at least they aren't cats! i haven't even tried to get a photo with the cats. totally not happening. sorry you had to go back to work, i feel your pain.. even though i only had a couple of days, i was NOT ready to go back. KC goes back on Wednesday, lucky duck.

  6. This going back to work after a break thing is always so hard! I find going back after Christmas harder than going back after summer!!

    And I know I already liked these photos and said something on Facebook, but I don't want your other readers to think I'm rude. ;) So I'll say again that these pictures are great! :)


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