January 18, 2016

Food I Can't Make

Yesterday I wore my Steelers jersey to Costco.  I felt like a moving target.

Even worse than a playoff loss, is a playoff loss when the winning team is your current state's team.  It's just...annoying. All the blue and orange makes my eyes hurt.


I made macaroni and cheese last night and it was just not as good as I wanted it to be.  Disappointing that even my solace of comfort food was ruined after an even more disappointing Steelers' loss. I found myself wishing I had a box of Annie's. I would prefer a box of Annie's White Cheddar and Shells to the time/effort/taste of what I made last night.

It made me think about food I'm not good at making, so I just don't.  Sometimes it's easier to know when to give up.

1. Omelettes. I'm really bad at them. It's not even worth it.  I make scrambles instead.  Same difference. I order omelettes when I go out for breakfast instead because that's the only way I'll ever get to eat one.

2.  Hamburgers. Since I don't eat burgers, I never really learned how to make them. The last time I tried them on the grill (for Scott and a friend), they were raw on the inside. I had no idea.

3. Salads.  I usually order salads at restaurants because I rarely make them at home. I do love a good salad, but it takes so much work and effort and grocery shopping to prep salads.  Plus, they never taste as good at home.

4. Hard-boiled eggs. Again, I don't eat them, so I don't know how to make them. I've tried all the different methods.  Scott's not picky about food at all but even he side-eyes my attempts at hard-boiled eggs.

What foods are you really bad at making? Anything you've given up on?


  1. I love doing HBE in the oven. I always screw them up on the stove top. I will make salads at home, but I don't get fancy. Chopping a lot of stuff doesn't bother me.

    I don't do omelettes. Scrambled eggs all the way.

  2. I second the salads and omelettes! I'm all about the eggs with cheese on top, and for salads, Mike doesn't eat a lot of the stuff I do, so I can never go through a whole bag of any of the fun stuff I want to get before it goes bad.

  3. It took me awhile to really get the hang of cooking burgers. I usually just make my husband cook them. I'm also not very good at sautéing peppers. I never cook them long enough to where they are soft to eat in Mexican dishes. This is why most of my Mexican meals are cooked in the crockpot because it does all the hard work.

  4. I didn't realize that there was food you couldn't make! ;) Haha! I would say I prefer to let Scott cook steak on the rare occasions we eat it. I'm not a huge fan of steak. In fact, he's more inclined to just cook up a steak for himself than we are to have steak as a meal together.

  5. Oh, I totally feel your football pain! I'm a Niners fan, sooo.....Lol Also, I'm glad I'm not the only one that sucks at making hamburgers! Pork chops are my other bain. I love them, but they always end up overcooked :-(


  6. Omelettes. I ruin them every single time. I can make hamburgers and meatballs but I won't touch raw ground meat so I don't make them. If my family wants them, my husband has to make them.

  7. I can't do hard boiled eggs unless I do them in the oven. Actually "boiling" them fails every single time...they're either way overdone or not done enough.

    I have a super easy and good mac and cheese recipe if you want it.

    Also, regarding meats, I highly recommend investing in a good meat/poultry thermometer. I never used to be able to tell when chicken was done in the middle without cutting it open but now I just stick a thermometer in it to check the temp and it's perfect every single time. Steaks and burgers work basically the same way.

  8. I'm the WORST at making omelettes. Seriously. I'll cook them perfectly on the outside, and they'll be totally raw on the inside. I can hard boil eggs though ;)

  9. Oh how I wish I could master the omelet thing but I'm in the same boat as you on that one. I also never make a good meatloaf, its always runny (and I very rarely make it) and I wish I could master a great deep dish pizza dough.

  10. I can't make omelettes either!! It's seriously an art form haha.

  11. I can't do omelettes either.

    Also, chicken in general. Not necessarily that I am not good at cooking it, but because raw chicken freaks. me. out. So I usually end up letting it overcook in the pan while I sanitize every surface in the kitchen.

  12. I loooove salads... I'm with you though - they can be a shit ton of work! lol

  13. haha i have never made a hard boiled egg, but KC makes them all the time. i don't eat them, so i won't make them. i suck at omelettes too, but i'm gonna try the in a ziploc bag way and see if that helps.


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