November 13, 2015

Comfort T.V.

Should there be a picture in every post? I don't have a picture that doesn't require an explanation. And taking time to explain a picture would take away from the high-quality writing that is about to ensue....


Last week, I finished Jane the Virgin and I didn't know what to do with the rest of my life. That's a little overdramatic because there are new episodes on Mondays, but who wants to wait a week between episodes? And I felt the same way when I finished Grimm.  There's new episodes on Fridays but, again, that's a whole week between them.  And you know there will be some kind of 6 week hiatus over Christmas for all these network shows.  This is what I don't generally watch network T.V. They screw around too much.

I've not been keeping up with Homeland, TWD, The Affair, or The Leftovers.  Scott likes those shows so I figure we can catch up together over Christmas break. I am still watching OUAT every week because Scott does not, I repeat does not, like that show.

So this led me to the question of What do I watch? I have shows that I go to when I want nothing but familiarity and that way I can go about my business with cleaning, cooking, school work, laying around, etc...with my good friends interacting on a screen in the background.

Right now, my show of choice is Weeds.  I have such good memories attached to watching all eight seasons of this show.  We watched it on a projector in our loft in Alaska, eating ice cream and passing the time to get through an Alaskan winter.

Friday Night Lights and Gossip Girl have also been a drug of choice, because there's nothing like Tim Riggins and Chuck Bass to keep you company (has anyone watched Wicked City, by the way?).  The character development on those two shows will also never fail to impress me.

When I went through my just-finished-a-show withdrawal last week, I attempted several other shows to pull me out of the funk.  Nothing worked.

I tried Revenge again because I never finished the last season.  No.
I attempted Chasing Life because, hey, you never know.  No. Boring and predictable and I didn't care about the characters.  And there was something about it that bothered me. It seemed very behind-the-times. Like it was filmed 5 years ago and just now aired or something.  Confusing.
Better Off Ted.  One episode.  I didn't buy in.
Drop Dead Diva. Per Joey's recommendation.  One episode and I didn't hate it.  I didn't feel like going further right now though.
Reign. Per another friend's recommendation. While I'm a fan of European history, these period pieces (The Tudors, etc.) aren't my cup of tea. Maybe I should give it more than one episode.

Alright, I'll give in. Here's a picture that relates well to the post.

What are you watching these days?


  1. I just started Friends from the beginning, I took a break for a few months but now I'm reading to watch again from the start. I've pretty much given up on network TV, I sort of keep up with Criminal Minds, Law & Order SVU and some super trashy TLC reality TV (Sister Wives/90 Day Finance) but my life doesn't revolve around them and more often than not I catch up with them online.

    I have fond memories of watching Weeds too, for me it was spending hours during university binge watching the first 3 or 4 seasons and then squeezing into a dorm room with a bunch of other people to watch the rest of the series as it aired.

  2. I watched Friends from the beginning, Sex and the City from the beginning, and just caught up on Jane the Virgin. We started watching Peaky Blinders and it was slow to start, but everyone tells me it gets a lot better. The Fall & The Killing were both pretty good. I haven't found anything after Jane the Virgin that interests me. That's probably a good thing though since I won't have much spare time starting next week when I head back to school.

  3. I liked Better Off Ted a LOT but they cancelled it after one season, so that was disappointing. Another good show was The Glades but again...a few seasons in, they left it on a TOTAL cliffhanger and then the show was cancelled.

    Wish I had more suggestions for you...I didn't like Jane the Virgin for some reason, watched two or three episodes and was bored. Same with Weeds...I'm so picky with TV shows, honestly. If I'm not hooked after 2 episodes I don't even want to try anymore. Isaiah's been dying to watch Gotham but I watched the first episode and almost fell asleep.

    1. OH, here's a suggestion, have you tried The 100?

  4. I haven't watched any of these shows, I am just starting American Horror Story Hotel. It's good so far.

  5. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who likes to put on familiar shows to do other things. I really like to have NCIS on whether or not I'm actually paying attention. Currently, I'm into putting on Hallmark Chrismtas movies as background noise....

  6. I like Friends, Seinfeld, FNL, Gossip Girl, Beverly Hills 90210, Barefoot Contessa, some HGTV shows.

    However I've sort of stopped putting anything on for background noise the past 8 or 9 months. I like the silence.

  7. i am currently watching jane the virgin. trying to take it slow haha i hate waiting a week between episodes. i tried reign but didn't make it through the full thing, i didn't make it more than 2 episodes on drop dead diva either. womp womp.


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