November 27, 2015

Christmas Wish List

Now that Thanksgiving is over, we can post Christmas lists, right?  Are you shopping today? I'm not because it's cold out and there's no need for dealing with crowds.  A day off of work should be spent in absolute relaxation, away from tons of people, in my opinion.  I've been accomplishing chores and checking tasks off my to-do list all week.  This is Christmas tree day.

I don't see an issue with decorating before Thanksgiving and I do shop well before Thanksgiving because I have to get our gifts ready to mail home to Pennsylvania.  However, I take issue with running out at 3pm (shame on you, JCPenney) on Thanksgiving to buy crap you don't need.  Like, what do you need that badly? If it's not a food item, it can wait until Friday (afternoon). You, again, don't need to leave the house at 3am for fleece blankets and kitchen gadgets you'll never use.

However, if you're looking for ideas for what to get me for Christmas...

*There are NO affiliate links here, so click away :)*

Socks.  I honest to goodness need socks.  I like these from Target. And super warm socks, like hunting socks ...only for me to wear while I watch t.v., not while I hunt (obviously). Scott is getting tired of me stealing his.

These boots from Madden Girl.  I love them a lot. And if you're buying them for me, let me know. I have a coupon and will use it ASAP, otherwise.

Mukluk boots.  My current Bear Paw ones are from 2010 and kind of starting to fall apart.

Combat boots.  I'm into shoes and socks right now I guess.

One of these J.Crew (Factory) vests.  They're lovely. Bought this for half off.  That felt good. I was not paying $108 for a vest.

An Athleta gift card. 

A Nordstrom gift card. For all those purses I always want to buy.

New living room pillows.  Blankets are always good too.

I also lovelovelove getting books for Christmas.

And my birthday is in January, so save this post as a bookmark (mom)...

What do you want for Christmas???


  1. That's a good list - I'm trying to make mine now for Keith, its hard!

  2. Oh, I really like those boots! :) I also love getting books for Christmas! These days my Christmas list that I give to my mom is probably at least 50% books.

  3. I always want socks and books.

    Totally agree on going out for crap you don't need. Stop it, world.

  4. I love your wishlist! I'm not really sure what I want, maybe some cozy pajamas. :)

  5. You're as bad as me--I end up just buying everything I want when I want making a list is hard. I am super tempted by that half off vest though...


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