October 27, 2015

How I really feel about teaching

Last week was conference day and it's always very draining, but it's very draining because it's the same story every year.  Kids are kids and parents are parents, no matter where I teach. Kind of like how these teacher memes have been floating around for a few years now and I see them all the time. But if you don't follow teachers on Pinterest or Facebook, you might not have seen them.  A lot of them aren't that funny anymore (repetition tends to kill the novelty), but all are quite true.

I don't even look for words sometimes. I just make sense of the sounds.

Sometimes I think I went into teaching so I knew I wouldn't end up at a depressing place like Initech.  I never imagined I'd start sounding like Lumbergh. But I sound just like him in my head when they do stuff like that.

Often, I sound like Maury too.

But that doesn't mean they actually do the homework, even after they know its magic.

The lives that could've been saved...

Every single day...if there is a day without a meeting, it's the exception.

This is exactly what kids look like when I send them on an errand.  They set off with such purpose. 

On a bad day, just picture this in your head...(did you see Jumanji?)

This cannot be said about every day.  


  1. I hadn't seen these before, thanks for the laugh! The Jumanji one especially....

  2. You have my eternal respect. I just couldn't!

  3. Omg a lot of these could be used for Nannying, too. Although obviously very different. I think kids in general are just tough to work with sometimes--but for you, the parents HAVE to be the worst part. I at least have some authority in making discipline decisions--when parents are all "blame the teacher" it pisses me the eff off.

  4. This is fantastic, lady! My sister is a teacher so I have a special place in my heart for school systems and teachers. Y'all are incredible, especially when you go above and beyond for your students. She had conferences last week and is finishing them this week and is so ready for them to be over. Cheers and props to you, lady! Thank you for teaching our future generation.

  5. I haven't seen these. LOL I remember going on an errand for teachers and feeling so puffed up and excited.

  6. These are actually really funny but I wish they weren't true, too.

    My daughter's class gets jobs and this month, she's a hallway attendant so she gets to leave the classroom to go to the office, return things to the library, etc and it's her favorite thing ever because she gets to roam the halls, looking all official.

    I still say I want you as her teacher.

  7. Haha the errand one is perfect - I used to love that and getting to go outside during class to bang erasers. Breaking Bad is also so true... a whole series about how teachers' health care is so bad one need to make meth.

  8. Do you get a compensation day for the conferences? Keith's district is doing them this week and next and there's 1500 parents signed up at the highschool alone. That's a lot of talking!

  9. haha this is hilarious. my husband's school does a whole week of conferences, like before and after school. the last one is funny - every day he has something to tell me, someone threw up, cried, had to be restrained, had a fight, had a meltdown.. they also have a lot of bathroom accidents. i'm like, can you tell me after dinner? haha.

  10. That Jumanji one though! I'm home sick today, and I always get afraid when I open my door the next morning.

  11. I give teachers so much credit, I couldn't do that all day long.

  12. I don't have to do conferences as a music teacher, but I have a lot of sympathy for you. That's a lot of meetings and a lot of planning what to talk to parents about. I hope you got to completely relax afterwards!

    Going off of your meetings meme: the worst are when the kids get a lot of days off or half days and you get hardly because of meetings...and meetings...and mandatory work days.

    And, even as a band/choir director I can't tell you how many times kids have come to me complaining about grades when all they have to do to earn a decent grade is to do their homework!! I even give partial credit for late work...but it doesn't seem to register in their brains.

  13. Oh the truth. If people only knew....

    I DO love teaching. But there are days that I wonder if I should be in some other line of work! lol


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