August 31, 2015

As a new week begins

I wrote several blog posts over the weekend but none ever seem quite appropriate for Monday. Does anyone else have that problem? Like, how do you begin a week with anything other than a weekend review of sorts? That was one thing I did not write.

Last night (as I made my way through an entire season of Entourage, no less) I found myself about 15 inspirational quotes and I like this one...

Perfect for a Monday.

(I just saw that I had pinned this picture too.  Made me chuckle at 5:30am, so I should probably share. Scott is very precise with his cold/cough medicine measurements.  I swig from the bottle.)


  1. ha! I'm a swigger too.

    If I didn't have a standing weekend post on Mondays I wouldn't know how to begin the week either.

  2. I carefully measure. Also, I'm still sitting here just debating if what I have floating around my head this morning is appropriate to blog about. A struggle I have a lot lately, which is maybe why I've been so quiet...

  3. Haha I swig from bottle as well, horrible habit but it works.

  4. Dude I had the same thought of how I should probably write the weekend before I write other stuff. Then I was like whatever....and just posted whatever!!

  5. Love that verse, so good!! I'm the same way, I feel like Monday should be a weekend recap but sometimes (a lot of times!) my weekends are just not blog-worthy!

  6. I adore that verse from Esther, I came across in on Pinterest almost a year ago and I think of it often! I'm with you when it comes to Monday posts, sometimes I just ignore the fact it's Monday and write whatever I feel like.

  7. I'm a measurer. I'm too concerned I'm going to take too much not to.

    That's a great Monday quote. Thanks for sharing it! (Oh, and I struggle with Monday posts, too, and my weekends are so boring I hate doing recaps).

  8. i'm a measurer lol i never thought about swigging from the bottle.
    i rarely do weekend recaps, whoops. i just don't do things on the weekends, so it wouldn't be very exciting.


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