July 10, 2015

Why Reverse might be a good idea this summer

Raise your hand if you don't wear sunscreen every day.

How about if you spend a lot of time outside during those peak hours in the summer (10am-3pm)?

How about "laying out"?

Or...how about if you have ever spent time in a tanning bed?

I'm guilty of all of these and I will admit I would visit the tanning bed as recently as four years ago.  I wasn't a tanorexic, but it made me feel better to have that warmth and color during a cold Alaska spring when the rest of the country was gearing up for spring break and beach season.

However, we all know that the sun is bad for your skin.  Wearing sunscreen is a habit we all need to be better about (okay, well, I need to be better about) and if you're looking for a way to protect your skin AND repair some of the damage you might have done in the past, the Reverse regimen might be right for you.

I really like the idea of not only protecting your skin this summer, but helping to brighten skin tone and fade dark spots at the same time.  If you want to know more about Reverse, there's more information here. 

That's just me, speaking my piece/peace about this regimen.  While I don't think I have a lot of noticeable sun damage, I'm sure I could benefit from it. If I wasn't such a die-hard Unblemish fanatic, this is what I would be using.  I'm also thinking about ordering this mineral make-up with SPF because layering on moisturizers and sunscreens under my make-up isn't something I like to do each day.

Since I am in the business of...running a business, I'm going to send a tube of this R+F Lip Shield to the next person who places an order for more than $25.  There are several products including sunscreenssupplements, microdermabrasion pastes, and renewing serums.  You don't have to commit to a regimen for your skin to benefit!

The Lip Shield is a light and smooth sun protection lip balm and it kind of smells like grapefruit (that's my scientific, professional observation).

What do you do to protect your skin in the summer?


  1. I love Reverse!! I have so many friends who are loving their skin now that it is even-toned and bright!!

  2. I've been doing the reverse for 7 days now (so, 4 times since you start every other day). I'm not sure if it's reversed anything (I'll do a side-by-side at the end of a month) but I can say I LOVE how it makes my skin feel. After day 1 I was sad I couldn't use it on day 2 because it made my skin all glowy and it felt younger. So yay!!


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