July 31, 2015

Who's a fan of snakes?

I saw a rattlesnake in the yard a few weeks ago.  You might ask, "Kristin, you spend very little time outdoors...how would you know what a rattlesnake looks like?"

Well, after I ran it over with the four-wheeler, hopefully mortally wounding it, it rattled its way under our shed.  That's how I know.

This past weekend, Scott came across this same snake while he was mowing.  He ran it over with the mower.  I would show you the aftermath but...I don't feel comfortable putting gory pictures online. If you want to see it, shoot me an email :)

Ever since the first day I saw the rattlesnake, I've been on high alert.  I saw no snakes last year and I've seen several this year, whether that's been in our yard (3), on the dirt road (many), or smushed on the highway (several).

My official position on non-poisonous snakes is that I don't want to see them.  I don't want them where I am. They usually startle me.  I feel the same way about spiders. I won't run screaming from a non-poisonous snake though.  They don't bother me that much.

The other day, Scott told me to get the camera and get outside because there was "a snake, but not a poisonous one".

So there's that. 
Happy weekend :)


  1. No, no no no NO. I'm not a fan of snakes, and wouldn't be able to tell a poisonous one from a non-poisonous one, so I just do my best to stay away from any and all of them! Luckily the only kind I've seen in my neck of the woods are little gardener snakes. I only usually see about one a year though.

  2. I'm one of those a-typical girls (like you) that doesn't run screaming and shaking at the sight of a spider or snake. I don't LIKE them, but they don't bother me that much. I'll smash spiders myself until they get to be a certain size, and then I let Isaiah take care of them (while I watch). We don't have snakes here, as you know, but I've always been kind of fascinated by how you can tell poisonous vs. non-poisonous based on their markings. And I was always the kid that loved finding/holding/playing with garter snakes, or holding the boa constrictor at the animal shows.

    1. Speaking of identifying, I just Googled...Bull snake?

  3. How do I feel about snakes? They should die. lol

    I suppose in the animal kingdom, they serve a purpose, and as long as they're nowhere near me, that's fine.

  4. I don't mind snakes, they don't bother me I won't bother them lol.

  5. Ughhhh hate snakes! Poisonous or not I don't want them anywhere near me, lol!

  6. Snakes don't bother me IF I know they're not poisonous! Spiders on the other hand...I HATE no matter what!

  7. That is a MASSIVE SNAKE!!! That's insanity! I won't run away screaming from a snake, either. But a spider? Any size? No thanks!

  8. I love snakes. My mother? The complete opposite. I'm pretty sure she'd have a life-ending panic attack. They fascinate me though.


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