June 25, 2015

Stuff and Things 6/25

+Here is an article that Jana posted last week and I think all of us would agree with just about all of it.
27 Normal Things kids can't do in school anymore.  Some of the things are still allowed.  We still play dodgeball.  We just use soft foam balls that won't leave welts.  They're kind of hard to throw.  However, I think it needs to be mentioned that the reason why these things aren't allowed in school anymore is because parents have insisted, over the last 20 years, that these things not be allowed in school.  Some parent got upset because their kid got hit with a dodgeball (while playing dodgeball) and so now we use soft foam balls that can hardly be thrown because they weigh less than air.

+26 Signs You're a Teacher on Summer Break. I haven't been able to remember what day it is lately.  During the school year, I usually get up at 5am and lately I've been letting the dogs out around 6:30am and then getting up around 7-7:30am.  Usually with a headache and general feeling of being exhausted.  I go to bed any time between 9pm and midnight, depending. I am definitely out of a routine.
But I am already unpacking my new classroom and brainstorming ideas.  My goal is to have the heavy-lifting/time-consuming work done by mid-July.

+I think I love my dogs more and more every day.  Tell me I'm not the first one to come up with "Paw-ther's Day".

+Speaking of Scott, I complained to him about how I need a desk because I know the second he gets back from his deployment/TDY thing, he will turn things into a construction zone again and my argument was that I need my own space.  Meaning, the kitchen table doesn't cut it anymore and I used to have a desk that I bought in college and we got rid of it when we moved here last year because it was only a $70 fake wood thing from Target and we never used it in Alaska but he used it in Missouri, but this house had a built-in desk in the bedroom in the basement, so now he uses that as his desk for his computer and whatnot and I STILL DON'T HAVE A DESK.

I ran all over town on Sunday looking for something cheap (yet sturdy and cute) at Homegoods, Target, and even Wal-Mart (because we have a Better Homes and Gardens bench from there that we love and I thought that brand might have a desk).  And then I realized that I don't have the functional capacity to to put a desk together because, hey, I'm no engineer and I could barely put together the filing racks for the filing cabinet in my classroom this week.  And I considered, for a brief second, a trip to Ikea in Denver and then I laughed about that for awhile and then I bit the bullet and looked at World Market's website and sent a link to Scott to show him what I was looking for...and then he bought me the desk.  Thank goodness I didn't have to make that decision on my own.  What do you think the chances are that it'll just arrive like this, already put together?

He also bought himself a wine rack.


  1. Oh I like that desk!! I STILL don't have my own desk either.

  2. I love the desk! Good job pulling the trigger on that purchase, Scott.

    I'm with you on loving my dogs more daily...but I have not thought of Paw-ther's day. That is freaking adorable and the photo is too.

    School is so different and not in a good way on most fronts. I shudder to think of these kids in the work force.

  3. Oh my goodness that photo of the pups is precious!!! I did the same thing for Kyle.

  4. Aww what a great picture of the doggies - and I hope you really did want that desk ;)

  5. I haven't heard it called Paw-ther's Day. I love it! I will have to remember that for next year.

  6. Dodgeball builds character!!!

    I love the desk. I could live in World Market.

  7. Oooh I love the desk you chose. We have a World Market right around the corner, and it's a deadly combination. LOVE the puppy picture, too!

  8. It's incredible what parents complain about! We had some parents complain about the book series "Junie B. Jones" because in one of the books she was not being very nice (it was a book about bullying - with a good ending).

    That desk is amazing!

    1. >>interrupts your conversation.

      Parents complained about Junie B. not being very nice? Not the terrible grammar? I used to cringe when I read those to my daughter but the point is that they create so many teachable moments like actually talking to the kid about NOT bullying and why you shouldn't be mean. You can't let a book do your job as a parent for you. And not reading the book doesn't make the topic go away either. If you don't like it, don't let your kid read it but don't complain to the point that the school considers taking it away from other kids. You can't make that choice for their parents. I could go on about this. I won't.

      Interruption over.

  9. I love the desk, it is so pretty!!! So I read that article that Jana posted about too and it makes me sad how soft the world has gotten. Have you really lived if you haven't been slammed by a ball in dodge ball? I don't think you have...

  10. It makes me sad that parents are so complainy about that stuff. I WANT my daughter to experience dodgeball and all that crap. Sure, it's traumatic, but you get over it.

    I love paw-ther's day!! We have a kid but the dogs were our first babies and that's worth celebrating.

  11. Cute desk!!

    That summer break list is so true! It irritates Me how often I fotget what day of the week it is! lol

  12. OMGGGG!! That desk is adorable! And Paw-thers day? You are a freaking genius. <3


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