June 10, 2015

Rodan + Fields: A New Venture

Over the last year, I've written many times about how much I love the Rodan + Fields skincare products and how they have changed my life.  That might seem like an exaggeration, but when you have bad skin, you are going to use a phrase like "changed my life" to describe something that makes your skin feel good again.

I originally started using the product because a friend mentioned that she used Unblemish to fight her cystic acne and the regimen worked wonders.  While I wasn't suffering from cystic acne, I was suffering from something and I couldn't figure out what it was.

Whether this was a result of hormone problems or environmental factors, I'm still not sure.  I do know that my skin wasn't always this way and I couldn't deal with the fact that I'd spent almost 6 months trying every remedy and solution I could find.  I could list the brands and products and go on and on about what didn't work...but I won't.

The point of this is that I decided to bite the bullet and try something new.  That one more try effect that people always talk about.  The last ditch effort.  After 3 weeks, I felt results.  After 6 weeks, I saw real change.

After 8 months, I couldn't believe the difference and now, a year later, I stand by Unblemish as being one of the best things I ever bought.  You cannot, I repeat cannot, put a price on clear, healthy skin.

This is why I'm joining Rodan + Fields as a consultant.  I can't NOT tell others about this product.  It wouldn't be fair to keep it to myself.  I am not a bandwagon jumper and I've never been one for trends in sales and marketing.  I do my best to keep it real here on the blog and in real life.  Chances are that, if we've ever had a personal conversation face-to-face, on the phone, or by email, I have already told you about Rodan + Fields.  The next logical step is for me to get others to try these skincare products too.  I'm also very excited to be able to sample other product lines like Soothe and Reverse, so then I can report back here on their effectiveness.  I love sharing that kind of good news with you all (27 readers of mine :).

This is about spreading the word...telling others that if you have a problem with your skin, the skin you show the world every day, there is a way to make it better.  If Reverse and Redefine, for example, work half as well as Unblemish, I would not be hesitant to try them.

Again, I would be doing my friends, acquaintances, and social media circle an absolute disservice if I did not spread the word about these products.  If you have ANY questions at all or would like to try the product line for yourself, please let me know!  I've mentioned the 60-day money back guarantee in past posts and I (skeptic that I am) could not think of a reason not to give it try after I read up on the products and guarantees that Rodan + Fields offers.

I have nothing but honest answers to give and my goal is really to help someone else see that there is something out there that will work for them and their particular skin concern.  A great place to start is to just ask yourself "What would I like to change about my skin?" or "What is my biggest concern?"  Lines? Redness/irritation? Acne? Sun damage?  Think about it!


  1. Wow it seems like an absolutely amazing product, it's always nice to see results like that.

  2. Oh yay!! I was hoping after you wrote your last review of Rodan that you'd become a consultant! I've been wanting to try it, because my skin has slowly been driving me crazy over the last six months, but wanted to buy from someone I "know" haha. Actually my skin looks like what yours did before, breakouts along my cheeks and jaw line. It's awful I feel so self conscious and wearing or not wearing make-up doesn't seem to make a difference, it's SO frustrating!
    So send me some info, please? Thank you!!

  3. I'm SO HAPPY you took the plunge in this! I know what a struggle your skin has been and how long you've been considering this decision. Way to go, friend! My face is surprisingly under control right now--but if things ever stop working again--I'm coming your way!

  4. I don't have a need, but if I did, I would buy through you. I trust your honesty! I'm glad something has worked so well for you. That is the perfect reason to sell that product.

  5. awesome! the results look great. I'm really happy that it worked so well. Nothing brings you down like skin/face issues!

  6. Congrats on the new venture! I fully believe in standing behind a product that has proven results for you. My skin has been a mess the last few months. I just started a new skin care routine that I want to ride out for awhile. but if it doesn't work so great...I may come looking for you.

  7. Okay so tell me: I'm 37. I have melasma that doesn't really show unless I'm out in the sun a lot (so I use zinc on my face). I'm flirting with rosacea. And I hate my forehead wrinkles. So...prescribe me some solutions!! :) Congrats on this new biz, I've been wanting to start with them and now you can be my excuse!

  8. I'm so excited that you're on the team -- more importantly that you are loving your skin!!


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