May 2, 2015


Thank God It's Saturday.

You can't win them all.

What a week.

I had after-school commitments a few days, plus all the chore-like activities at home, plus the return of the moths, plus trying to keep the dogs from hating me.  It's rough going.

On Wednesday, I got home late from school, which always throws everything off.

On Thursday, I left the house at 6:45am to be on time for a meeting at 7:45.  At 3:40pm, I drove home.  At 4:15, I got home, let the dogs out, cleaned up the mess they made (Jett has regressed...sigh), changed clothes, put the dogs in the truck, and drove back to school.  I couldn't leave the dogs alone for 13+ hours.   Got there at 5:30, just in time for the kids who were showing up for the musical performance.  By 6:30, the show was over and my principal insisted on seeing the dogs again (one reason why I'll miss this place: nice people), and then I was driving home again by 7pm.  I think I ate a bowl of cereal, took a shower, and then managed 10 minutes of Pilates (instead of the 46 that was scheduled for Thursday) and was in bed by 9:00.  But not before I did some experimenting with electrical outlets and switches in order to get the bug-zapper to work.  (It's going to be a long summer.)

Friday is a blur.  I was up early again.  Stopped at the hospital on base to have some bloodwork done (a check-up I insisted on since all the nonsense I went through last fall). Stopped at Starbucks for breakfast. Went through the carwash.  Managed to get to work mostly on time. They brought in Chipotle for lunch, which was nice.  Went home.  Walked the dogs.  Made pizza. Managed a 40 minute Pilates/Barre workout. Was in bed by 9:30pm.

Today, I have plans for a massage and errands, including a trip to Target/Homegoods/TJMaxx.  As part of our tax return, a check came to me this week for my individual CO return.  Scott said to buy whatever I want.  I plan on it. After the massage.  And the pedicure.

Side Note:  I'm starting up #OutfitaDayinMay again.  Find me on Instagram to follow along. Anyone interested in joining?  I needed something to work toward this month. That'll do just fine.

Side side note: I'm planning on giving up caffeine for a week.  Again, anyone interested in joining? (Didn't think so.)  This is why I attempted that hibiscus refresher up there with the misspelling instead of my usual iced Americano.  I didn't like it. 


  1. I have to tell Starbucks to write Jennifer on my cup because if I tell then Jen they always write Jan lol.

    1. Sometimes it's just not worth it to insist on spelling it out!

  2. I'm glad you're recharging today! Busy weeks really kill me anymore.

    Hmm..I have massages due at Hand and Stone. Maybe I should try to go tomorrow.

    How did you make out at HomeGoods?

    Yeah...not really interested in the operation decaffeination. LOL Sorry!

  3. I haven't had a soda in 34 days, so I'm with you on the no caffeine.

  4. Oh gosh I hate weeks like that where everything is just in warp speed and blurs together. Giving up caffeine for a week? Yeah, no. I don't have many vices, but caffeine and I? We have a deal.


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