May 14, 2015

Stuff and Things 5/14

+Listening to Nick Offerman's book prompted me to finally start Parks and Rec on Netflix.  I'd tried it once or twice before and it never quite got off the ground for me.  This time, I'm enjoying it.  It literally only took 5 1/2 years.

+We had a bit of a mix-up for Mother's Day.  I emailed Scott asking if we should send his mom flowers (because I'm sick of mailing boxes basically).  That was Monday.  By Tuesday night, I was like, "Well, better just order them" because I hadn't heard anything back from him.  Then, I find out he did, indeed, send flowers and I had, indeed, sent flowers and so she got two flower deliveries.

+Before you go off thinking I'm a horrible person, I got my mom a gift instead of flowers and it'll be here for her to pick up when she visits next week.

+I just, a week ago, mailed the boxes I had to send out for March birthdays.  In May.  One was a gift I was supposed to send out for VALENTINE'S DAY.  That's how much I hate the post office.  A double order of flowers, in this case, was a very small price to pay.  Totally worth it.

Speaking of Mother's Day...

Scott sent me flowers from the dogs.

+And I can't believe I didn't realize before that this pretty much sums up my feelings on camping and being outdoors in general:

+Since I'm an indoor person, I spent Sunday afternoon organizing the pantry.  

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  1. I just love that Scott sent flowers from the dogs--especially since you're fully responsible for them right now. That was really, really sweet. I hope it brightened your day. And as for camping...yeah. No. I'm an indoor person, too.

  2. Mailing boxes is the WORST.

    Scott is very thoughtful but the note is the best as the dogs probably do want extra salmon and popcorn and for him to be home. LOL

    I love Parks & Rec.

  3. I hate the post office too!! It also doesn't help that everyone at our post office have no manners and are always rude. Those flowers are so pretty and how cute of Scott to do that for you!!!

  4. I totally relate to your post office distaste. I have a birthday card for a friend that I mailed, and then it came back to me because there was something wrong with the address. It's still sitting on my desk and at this point I'm just going to give it to her when I see her next. Her birthday was in October...

  5. I organized my pantry yesterday and I already feel so much better haha.

  6. Parks and Rec is awesome. I should rewatch the whole series.

    So sweet, getting flowers from the dogs!

  7. Oh I give Scott kudos for the flowers. He was thinking ahead, ha!

    I couldn't get into P&R however I am needing a show this summer while on break, I may look into it and try it again.

  8. April Ludgate for life. Have you seen Aubrey Plaza in anything else? You must watch Safety Not Guaranteed. I don't know if it's your cup of tea or not but I love love love it. And she's hilarious in it.

  9. i have never watched parks & rec though i've thought about it a bunch. maybe i'll start one day lol


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