April 2, 2015

Stuff and Things 4/2

I feel like there was once a time where I blogged without planning things out.  If I were document my streams of consciousness...

-I have an illness I can't kick.  Two weeks ago, I had a sore throat for 2 days.  It went away.  Last Monday night, I had a sore throat, fever, body aches, chills.  That lasted for about a day.  But then congestion set in and lasted for like a week.  I finally gave in and bought cold medicine (why spend $12 if it's going to go away on its own?).

-I got a sunburn last week because I was outside raking tumbleweeds and then mowing them down with this.

-All of our sunblock was expired, so I threw it away.  Instead of driving 25 minutes to Wal-Mart (because Wal-Mart), I ordered some on Amazon.  I can continue my yardwork after my Prime guaranteed 2-day shipping.

-Since it's been warm, I finally gave in and painted my toenails last weekend.  Painting my toenails ranks as one of my least favorite things to do.

-I think I'm going to save the opportunity for a pedicure until the end of April.  I don't want to waste a pedicure if the weather is going to be unpredictable.

-That was a good decision (not to get a pedicure last week) because today it's supposed to be 50 degrees again.

-Last weekend, I found myself soldering a water line that leads to the swamp cooler.  There was a leak.   This is turning into one of those "didn't know I could do it until I had to" times in my life.  I still may need to replace the water line.  Fun stuff.

-I reviewed last year's Mad Men episodes in preparation for this Sunday's premiere.  I came to a conclusion: life would be better if I had an office.  Like, if I had an office with a door and a big desk and child-free workspace...just a thought.  All teachers should have offices.  They'd get a lot more done.

-There are 36 days left of school.

-Praise the Lord for that one.

-My biggest accomplishment of the week is that I managed to change the toner in the laser printer all by myself.  It ran out weeks ago, Scott ordered me a new one, and it sat unopened for 3 weeks before I decided to attempt it.  I'm embarrassingly proud of myself.

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  1. you're cheerfully counting down the days to summer and I'm over here panicking at the thought of the kids being home all day every day! hah! I agree teachers should have offices!!! I've been holding off on a pedicure because I want to really enjoy it! I agree-painting my toenails is my least favorite thing to do ever.

  2. HAHAHA! I did the same thing with my pedicure. I need one badly and was going to get one but decided to save it for when I won't always need to wear socks and sneakers.

    I hate our Walmart, too, and we're contemplating using Amazon pantry just to avoid it completely so I applaud and support your decision to buy sunscreen via Amazon instead.

  3. Ha! I do the same thing with pedicures. I hate painting my toes. The main reason why I get pedicures is so they can paint them and it'll last a month, but what's the point if you can't wear sandals yet?

  4. I don't particularly enjoy painting my toenails, but I can do a good enough job that paying $50 for one in town would be ridiculous. It's kind of a moot point at the moment, though, considering the possibility that we may not even get ANY sandal weather this year. Last year I wore sandals twice. And froze.

    I can change toner in a printer with my eyes closed but soldering something?? I'd probably burn a finger off.

  5. I definitely used to blog without planning a thing. Ever. I just did it on the train in in the morning and then plopped a photo or two in before I started working.

    I hate painting my toenails. I pay to get pedicures most of the time because it's worth it to me. Nails, I paint on my own.

    Totally down with the sunscreen purchase on Amazon.

    I'd totally be hiring someone to replace the water line. I'm not a DIYer! I have limits and I know them. LOL

  6. The school year seems to be flying by!

  7. hahaha I totally do the whole ordering on amazon rather than going somewhere to get something. i can survive 2 days waiting on anything!

  8. Yay for doing those things! Our ink recently ran out, then the printer pooped out and Keith threw it out. I doubt we get another soon.

  9. You are tackling a lot this week! I am impressed with the soldering skills. I would have said screw it. :)


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