April 29, 2015

How I drink 100 oz. of water a day

1.  I drink 20 oz. before I leave the house in the morning.  From when I get up until I walk out the door, I make sure my water bottle has been emptied.  I'll fill it up again in case I get thirsty on my commute, but I usually take caffeine-free hot tea to school with me.

2.  I try to drink another 20 oz. before 10:15.  Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't, but I always finish it before lunchtime at 12:30.

3.  I drink another 20 oz. before I leave school at 3:45.  That's 60 oz. down.  I fill up the bottle before I leave school and...

4.  Drink it on the way home.  That's 80 oz.

5.  Once I'm home, I generally drink another bottle or two by the end of the night.  That leaves me at 100-120 oz. for the day.

Now, I didn't always used to be this way, but last spring I got the idea that I should make sure I drink more water (probably something about clearing up my skin), so I started doing just that.  To begin with, I don't drink stuff other than water.  I drink coffee in the morning, caffeine-free tea throughout the day, and the occasional wine or something at night, but other than that it's just water.  No soda or juice or anything.  And yeah, I do run to the bathroom a million times a day, but that's okay.  I've made it work with my schedule at school and, honestly, that just means taking a bathroom break on each break I get; something most teachers do anyway.

My advice to someone who would like to drink more water:

1.  Buy a water bottle you love.  You'll be so enamored with the novelty of it that you'll automatically drink more water.

2.  Try to drink 20 oz (or a bottleful) by 9am (or before you leave the house in the morning).  It'll start your day off in a much more refreshed way and even if everything else conspires against you (traffic, deadlines, hunger, bad hair day, etc), you'll at least have done that.

I've gotten so used to drinking a lot of water that I don't know what to do without my water bottle.  It feels ridiculous but it's like a security blanket.  You know how you can get "hangry"?  I think "thangry" is a real thing too.  Like, if I forget a water bottle and, for some reason, don't have an extra in the car, I will stop and buy a bottle of water that I refill throughout the day.

So, how much water do you drink everyday?  


  1. YES! That's pretty much how I get my water intake in, too. I don't drink anything else during the day (except my morning coffee and the occasional afternoon coffee), and I have hour "goals" to have my water bottles emptied by!

  2. I am really impressed by this. I just don't like water. I drink about 65 oz and its a fight every day.

  3. I drink about 80 oz of water a day and I really need to up it!

  4. You left out how many times you have to go pee :) haha

  5. This is awesome! I'm much better than I used to be about this, but I still struggle! I need to do better because I can tell a big difference in how I feel and how my skin looks when I'm drinking enough!

  6. I have THE HARDEST time remembering to drink water. It's not that I'm even drinking other stuff...I drink one mug of coffee in the morning, and a cup of tea most evenings, and about one bottle of water a day at the moment. I just don't get thirsty...no idea why. I could probably go all day on three sips of water and just never get thirsty.

  7. Yes! My way is:
    1. 20 ounces on the train ride in
    2. 40 more ounces by noon (sometimes this spills over into the afternoon but I typically fill up for the third time at 11 a.m.)
    3. 20 more ounces by 5
    4. I will drink 2-3 glasses of water at night getting me over 100.

  8. Go you!!! I basically follow yours schedule as well. Although I throw in some green tea during the day so I dont usually go over 100 ounces in water.

  9. Thank you for this post! I definitely need to drink more water and I think I'm going to incorporate your schedule.

  10. love this - I don't really track my water consumption but I know I don't drink enough before or after work. I drink all my water during work. I drink tea in the morning and sometimes I drink apple juice (i know, so bad) but mostly it's just water. anyway. i need a new water bottle ;)

  11. This is a good plan! I usually get about 80 but ill also terrible at even getting 50 on a weekend. I need a new water bottle!


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