March 24, 2015

Motivationally Challenged

Is there anything you just don't feel like doing?

I don't feel like doing a lot of things these days.  There's a few things I have to get done this week.  I must get the garden cleaned out so I can plant things next month.  I must finish painting the bar.  I must mow down some tumble weeds.  I must run all the errands I generally put off.

I must catch up on sleep.  I must play with the dogs.  I must finish books I have started.  I must do this. I must do that.

I'm on spring break, which is quite blissful really.  Everyone always asks where you're going for break and, to be honest, I've never gone anywhere for any spring break.  You see, I didn't grow up in an area that had spring break.  Most of Pennsylvania doesn't subscribe to it.  So I never got into the thought of must go away for spring break.

Oh, I lied.  I went to Pennsylvania to visit for spring break back in 2011.  Scott knew that if he didn't send me out of the 49th state for a short period of time, I would lose my mind.

So, when I've been asked a multitude of times in the last month where-are-you-going-for-break?, I've just shrugged.  Sometimes the best break is just that: a break.  Time to regroup.  Time to relax.

Anyway, I'm motivationally challenged at this point.  I know Scott is too, but in a different way.  We Skype a few times a week and I told him the other day that the only thing that motivates me is caffeine.  The strong coffee I make in the morning and then the idea of an Americano on the way to school is the only thing that gets me out the door by 7am.  And then I think, why is that my only motivation?  Like, how bad are things, really, if coffeehouse espresso is the only thing I look forward to when I leave the house in the morning?

Concerning goals and forward progress, I'm kind of terrified to revisit that cleaning schedule goal, and I can assure you that the Bible-reading-thing has not been happening as much as it should.

If anything, the only area where I've not been slacking is working out.  Now, I don't know if it would fit in with everyone's definition of such, but I joined The Balanced Life Sisterhood at the beginning of February, and I've made it a point to do 30-40 minutes of Pilates most days.  I've also made it a point to get to the body sculpt class on Saturdays at the gym.  Of course, with spring break, I'm able to get to kettleball and kick-boxing and hopefully that'll up my endorphins and who knows...maybe I'll start next week in a motivated fashion.

Is there something you're just really not motivated to do? Any secrets for powering through? 
Sometimes I think we should start a support group.  Maybe my problem is that I have SO much to do (or do I create it all?) that I don't know what to focus on...


  1. I'm with you on the "i'm so busy I don't even know what to do so might as well do nothing" thing. I saw this tweet (bloglovin' tweeted out your post) when I was laying in bed this morning trying to will myself to get up and take Bailey for a walk. J has a meeting today and will be out of the house longer than I'd like B to be alone right now (still adjusting to apartment living), but I was seriously considering skipping my run...again. But that tweet made me go. Sitting down now and reading this post makes me glad I'm not alone in feeling like I just don't want to do ANYTHING. I'm totally with you on the whole stay put during a break thing. The best breaks for me are when I get to stay home and relax.

  2. I think sometimes when life gets overwhelming and full of DO DO DO NOW NOW NOW, it's important to take a step back, refocus and decide what actually needs to get done. Your idea of using spring break to recharge and reassess sounds like the perfect plan.

    Maybe plan one day of your break as a super productive day. Make a list, run those errands, grab an extra special cup of coffee, paint the bar cart and plan for the weekend. Then plan a day of just lazy do nothing to compensate. That way you'll feel l accomplished but also rested and rejuvenated.

    Make a list and then slowly mark things off. My favorite quote when things get crazy is "How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time". You've got this, lady! :)!

  3. So know how you feel on not being motivated! I've been struggling with motivation myself! Going on a trip is fun, but I love breaks where you can truly take a break and relax!

  4. I would give my right arm for a week at home to regroup right now. I put too much on my plate recently and that actually de-motivates me. I need balance.

  5. I understand this! It's hard (really hard) to have anything to look forward to when life consists of mostly chores and a sucky job and no friends. Usually when I have that big a list of things I "must" do I pick one thing every day (or every other day) to do until I knock the list out. It's too daunting to tackle something like that all in one or two days! Plus, you should take some time to enjoy your spring break. Not everyone gets one ;)

  6. I can definitely relate to this! It is hard sometimes to get motivated to work out...however I know that once I'm done I will feel a million times better.

  7. I think I feel like this a lot, and then I look at my life and I really don't have that much to do, so I don't know why I feel so unmotivated.. and tired, all the time. Sometimes I thrive when I'm busy, other times I need to have more down time than not. Good for you for not slacking on working out - I definitely slack there first.

  8. oh gosh, constantly!! I think we are forever held back a bit by this thought.

  9. Yep I'm totally the same. If there's too much happening around me I just switch off and want to go and hide under the duvet. I find list making is a good start, and setting aside one day (actually usually at the beginning, not as a reward once I'm done) to do totally nothing helps me feel a bit more recharged. But I really haven't cracked it at all so if you find something that works, please share!

  10. I've been horribly unmotivated lately. I think it's the winter weather. Hopefully, with spring weather here, I'll feel like getting back into the swing of things.


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