February 12, 2015

Stuff and Things 2/12

It's back!
What'd you think of the mid-season premiere? Here's a recap article.  I don't know how much I agree with there.  We spent the episode, honestly, being kind of confused.  It did come together.  I think you have to have a really good memory for minor details in order to appreciate an episode like that. 

Also, did anyone watch Better Call Saul?  We watched the first 5 minutes, but didn't keep up with it.

Speaking of The Walking Dead...
Last week, I was working with a small group of my highest readers.  A student read her answer out loud.  The character in the story was named "Garth".

Her: Not having T.V. helped A.J. and Gareth's friendship because...
Me:  It's Garth, not Gareth.  This isn't The Walking Dead.  

4 out of 5 kids laughed.  Because they knew exactly what I was referring to.  They're 9.  Isn't that horrifying?  I didn't expect them to get it.  They get so few of my jokes.  Then I noticed another kid had a Walking Dead t-shirt on.

Speaking of horrifying...
Scott was perusing a movie website the other night, looking for something to watch.  He chose The Purge Anarchy. I said that it sounded familiar...
Then he told me it was about legalized killing, one night a year, in a not-so-distant American future.  
Then I remembered where I heard it.
The boys in my class would not stop talking about it last fall.  I mean, I only half listen when they talk about pop culture, so I assumed it was a video game.  One tried explaining it to me and I still never put together that it was a movie (which does not say much for my ability to teach them summarizing).  
While I thought it was actually a pretty good movie, I was appalled that anyone could let a child watch it.  It did mark the first time I ever enjoyed the presence of a Lannister.  

We liked the movie anyway, and it's kind of like an adult, realistic version of The Hunger Games.  

That's all for today.  I have things to do.  You know, stuff and things.

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  1. It's terrifying what people let their children watch, isn't it? My husband is at an elementary school and he has some crazy stories. So was the movie good? Because it kind of intrigues me.

  2. Nine year olds are watching The Walking Dead enough to know the names of the characters? WTF!

  3. I will never understand when people let their children watch movies and TV that is meant for adults. If that makes me judgy, well then so be it. ;)

  4. Um, I couldn't watch The Purge as an adult (I don't do well with movies like that) so I can't believe someone let their kid...though I guess I shouldn't be surprised. We recored Better Call Saul, but haven't watched yet; afraid it won't live up to Breaking Bad :( LOL

  5. I'm horrified at the things kids watch and know these days. But then to be fair I grew up watching stuff that when I watch it now I'm like WHY DID MY PARENTS LET ME WATCH THIS! But honestly, the "adult" stuff usually went over my head. But why is a kid able to be up that late on a school night to watch TWD? I guess there's dvr...but still! <3 to you today friend

  6. We watched the first episode of Better Call Saul and have the second one still on the DVR - I loved how Mike made an appearance! I hope it's good, but I don't have high hopes. I always thought The Purge looked intriguing, but you are so right, how could a child ever watch that?!

  7. I am appalled almost every single time Isaiah and I go to the movies at the age of children in the theater. Sometimes I have no idea how they're even allowed to be there...we went to see Annabelle and there were at LEAST 30 middle school students there with no parents in sight, like it was a freaking school field trip or something. Then we went to see Gone Girl and I kid you not, there were parents there with their kids. With Annabelle, I *almost* talked to one of the employees to ask how in hell a bunch of 13 year olds made it into an R rated horror movie.

  8. We had KDG the other day referencing walking dead. The team and I just looked at each other and were like "no clue what you're talking about."

  9. It shocks me some of things that parents let their kids watch.

  10. They're 9? And they know about The Walking Dead?! I am horrified. HORRIFIED.

    I missed Better Call Saul. I'm going to give it a try if I can find it on On Demand.

  11. That's so funny. I had to stop watching those bad shows around the kid when she started paying attention. Sons of Anarchy after bedtime!

  12. WHO LETS THEIR 9 YEAR OLD WATCH THE WALKING DEAD OR THE PURGE?! What is wrong with people?! Oh my gosh!
    Oh, my now 7 year old knows who Jack the ripper and other creepy people/things are because at Easter, my friend was down with her boys & one of them (9 at the time) told Fin (6 at the time) all about who Jack he ripper was. I just sat here wondering how he knew that -- turns out he has his own tablet & acccess to google.... he just sits and googles images all the day long.
    I was floored.
    David & I have decided long ago that our kids won't get technological items until they're at least 10. They don't have Nintendo DS, kindles, etc etc and won't until they're at least 10 because I fell like a 6 & 9 year old knowing who jack the ripper is is just ridiculous.
    Okay, that turned into a ramble! :p

  13. I'm always horrified by the things that parents let their children watch. I mean, it has to be voluntary because our technological world has not shortage of parental controls! I had kids in FIRST grade who talked about watching Family Guy. What?!? In sixth grade, I'm not a shocked by the stuff they watch, but I still feel like there's stuff they're allowed to do/see that I wasn't allowed to at that age!

  14. Hmm I can't talk because I watched The Shining by the time I was 9.
    The season premiere of TWD was one of the best written episodes in years. So many tears...


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