February 27, 2015

Said by Scott

The good news is that Scott does have a cell phone on this deployment.  The bad news is that these are the text messages he often gets from me now.

So if that doesn't make you feel bad for me...

He doesn't leave the phone on all the time, so we don't get to talk all the time because of the time difference.  But it's nice for him to have as he travels.


Listening to this song on the radio...
Scott: All you have to do to be a rapper is say things three times.
Me: Okay.
Scott:  Don't tell 'em, don't tell 'em, don't tell 'em... you ain't even gotta tell 'em.  See? Three times?
Me: Can we change this now?

A dog jumps onto the bed in the middle of the night.
Scott: Which one is it?
Me: I don't know.
Scott: Pet it.

Scout and Jett have very different fur and that's how you can tell them apart in the middle of the night.


Scott: What are you getting me at Costco?
Me: Salmon.
Scott: What kind of salmon?
Me: …pink.
Scott: …..
Me:  chum…
Me:  Red.
Scott:  Otherwise known as…?
Me:  Sockeye.
Scott:  And none of that God awful Atlantic salmon.  Don't come home with that.

I was playing dumb there. There are 5 rankings of salmon. King/chinook, Silver/coho, Red/sockeye, Pink/humpback, Chum/dog. You don't want to actually eat the pink or the chum.  That's the stuff they make dog food out of.  You can take Kristin out of Alaska, but…


As we're driving out of the driveway with the dogs…
Scott speaking for Jett:
You never let me go anywhere.
Me:  Get in the back.
Scott speaking for Jett:
But there's so much to see!


On my birthday…
Scott: We're getting old.  Like, really old.
Me: Maybe you are.  You're older.
A few minutes later..
Scott: You know I'm only like 6 weeks older than you, right?  You're aware of that?
Me:  Different year.  You're much older.




  1. "Pet it." I snorted. I'm glad Scott has his phone so you can at least chat a little. I hate that you're so lonely :( I argue that with J about the age difference, too. He's only 6 months older, but it's a different year so it totally counts! ha

  2. Haha Kyle and I have that same birthday conversation.

  3. Pet it! LOL Sometimes we do the same.

    MFD loves to tell everyone he married an older woman. I'm six months older. We graduated together.

  4. I cracked up at the rapper conversation...mostly because it's so true.

    I would cry if Isaiah told me I was getting old. I'm 2 1/2 years older than he is, hehe.

    Also, I ate pink once. "It'll be fine if we deep fry it," they said. It was disgusting and I'll never do it again.

  5. 3 times! One time when that Adam Levine song "Animal" was on the radio, David decided he was going to count how many times they said "I'm an animal" - I think he counted like 37 or something ridiculous. He was like, we clearly went into the wrong profession. I coulda written that!

  6. LOL at "pet it"! Also love the how to be a rapper conversation. It's true! They just repeat stuff! :D

  7. I pet the dogs during the night to see which one it is as well.

  8. I do feel sorry for you because I've been there. For two years, my only friends were cats. I hope this deployment is short or shorter than the last time. While you are feeling lonely, I'll cheer you up by saying that I enjoyed this post. If that doesn't cheer you up, then this will. Thank you for sending the snow away from you (Colorado) so I can have it today (in Oklahoma.) I'm so over winter! Agh!! Estherdavison@gmail.com

  9. We have a similar birthday conversation. I am 4 months older than my husband. He loves to tell me I robbed the cradle and I'm going to die first.

    Thanks for the salmon education. I had no idea there were so many choices.

    Sorry you feel lonely. I totally understand.

  10. lol. Pet it!!

    I call my husband an old man alllll the time and he is only a year older than me.

  11. I cracked up when he was talking for the dogs. I have long, long been grateful that I'm no where near Angel's age so that, as far as I'm concerned 'we' will never be getting old at the same time. He's always first, and by the time I turn 30 or whatever milestone it will seem young by comparison.

  12. You might have said this, or maybe not if you're not allowed, but where did he deploy to?

  13. Oh my goodness. This post is hilarious. I actually laughed out loud at "Pet it." It makes tons of sense when you read what you wrote about their different fur textures, but that initial reaction....! haha

  14. I'm a month older than Justin. He calls me old too.

    I cracked up at the rapper comment. It's so true! Especially I. That song... I HATE that song. :-p

  15. I'm 6 1/2 years older than my husband, and he doesn't dare say a word about it. :)


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