January 29, 2015

Stuff and Things (in the Springs)

If I were the type of person to go out and do things instead of stay home and paint my kitchen on the weekends, I'd probably have a lot more stuff and things to say about the Springs.  However, Scott's family was here last week, so we did a couple of touristy things that I can tell you about.

+Overeasy.  A breakfast and lunch restaurant on Nevada Ave, right next to the new Trader Joe's and the University of Colorado campus.  I expected it to be absolutely packed on a Sunday morning.  We got there early, about 8am, and they had opened at 7am.  I was very happy that we got right in, had amazing service (Charlie was our waiter), and the food was fabulous.  However, the closer it got to 9am, the more we noticed the line of customers growing into a giant mob in the entryway and on the sidewalk.  As we were leaving, I heard that the wait was 45 minutes.  I definitely planned that out well.
How did I hear about the place?  We were at Trader Joe's last week and I thought, "Oh, hey, a breakfast place" and then we remembered it this past weekend.

Scott and I were immediately pulled in by the juice menu.  We split a carrot/ginger/honey/lemon.  Then, we ordered The Cure, a pineapple and coconut concoction.  I also had mint tea.

The neat thing about the juice is that you can add vodka and turn them into mixed drinks.  They also had a bloody mary bar and a full mimosa menu.

I had a spinach and swiss omelette with hash browns, bacon, and the best biscuit I'd ever tasted.  Scott had the crab omelette, which was really impressive.

This place reminded me SO much of Snow City Cafe in Anchorage.  From the homemade jam to the wait out the door.  It was a little pricey, but restaurant prices are pretty subjective to us; we were used to Alaska.  For what we got, it was delicious.  We'll definitely be going back.

+Mr. Tandoori Urban Bar and Grill.  Scott and I first stopped here back in July just because we were in  Pueblo and it had good reviews.  I mentioned back then how fabulous it was.  I'd never really eaten Indian food but it was very similar to all the foods Scott had loved so much in Afghanistan, so we gave it a try.  I was officially a fan after that.

After walking along the downtown Riverwalk in Pueblo, we went to Mr. Tandoori for lunch on Saturday.  The cucumber water they start you out with is probably one of our favorite parts because it's just so refreshing.  Everything on the buffet is excellent, but my favorite is the yellow rice, the vegetable korma, and the vegetable noodles.  Also, the fried eggplant was amazing.

If you live in this part of Colorado, it's definitely worth your time to make the trip to Pueblo.  It's about 30 minutes for us, but there's plenty of shops and sights downtown.  Make sure you go during the day so you can make it to the lunch buffet!

+Royal Gorge.  I'm slow…ly learning about Colorado's history and geography.  I'm more or less forced to because I have to teach Colorado history/geography.  After our stop in Pueblo on Saturday, we went on to Canon City, about another hour west.   Right on the other side of Canon City is Royal Gorge Bridge and Park.  I'd heard of it, but never knew much about it.  Then I googled it and realized that I'd probably heard of the one in California…

Anyway, there was a wildfire at the suspension-bridge-Royal-Gorge a year and a half ago.  You can still see the scorched land and trees on the winding drive up.

I pulled out the zoom lens.

The whole complex.  You can see there's lots of construction and rebuilding still going on.

It was $16/person to walk out on the bridge and they cleverly had all kinds of barriers set up so you couldn't get a good picture of the gorge without paying to go through.  However, we weren't interested in paying that much money to stand outside on a windy January day, so maybe next summer.   I settled for a magnet to add to our "refrigerator collection of travels".

I would like to go back in the summer.


  1. That bridge looks like a cool thing to see but it freaks me out.

    I'd definitely go to that breakfast place.

  2. I love the Royal Gorge & Canon City, amongst other favorite Colorado things. I do not remember it costing though, that's a bummer. Let me know if you need any other ideas to go see - I've gone there 2x a year since birth and know the ins and outs. If I could move there, I would but I have a husband who says that's a no no.

  3. That bridge to me is TERRIFYING!! Oh gosh, gorgeous but terrifying! And that breakfast place has me hankering for some good breakfast food now!

  4. Wow awesome pictures! Love the bridge!

  5. I miss good restaurants - I look forward to having some near me again someday, haha! Those juices look amazing.

    Cool bridge!! I would almost pay the $16 to go on it...

  6. Those juices look fantastic, I so wish I lived near a great juice place again!!

  7. Man I think the Springs got cooler when we left, or I just didn't go anywhere. I know for sure the university area has BOOMED. Back in my day that area was fields and old apartments. I can't wait to be back in the area for a visit (probably this fall/winter!)

  8. I went to Royal Gorge many summers ago, and it was gorgeous. We paid the money to walk across the bridge, and I thought it was fun. We also took the cable car down to the bottom to see the river.

  9. I want to go to that breakfast place. The juice menu sounds amazing.


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