January 15, 2015

Stuff and Things 1/15

+The best part of my birthday was the fact that it was on a Saturday.  Ever since I started teaching, I've worked on my birthday.  I never minded.  I liked taking in cupcakes for the kids.  One year, we had s'mores.  This year, however, was a splendid year for January 10th to fall on a Saturday.  That was present enough.

+Also, is it completely lame that I didn't go all-out for my birthday?  I mean, how do you celebrate adult birthdays anyway?  Do you go out shopping in your Dillon Football sweatshirt?  Because that's what I did.

+My back/rib/side is feeling better, so I've been attempting yoga every day again.  I always hated yoga until I took my friend's yoga class in Missouri.  I went quite a few times over last summer at the gym and it's really the perfect workout to do at home.  You probably won't sweat, but it's good for you.  I feel like I'm investing in myself when I spend 20-30 minutes a day on it.

+I'm so happy the Broncos lost on Sunday. I work with several who deck themselves out in orange and blue every Friday...I'm a terrible person.

+Our dogs lead a good life.  Cozying up on a king-sized bed and all.  I truly treat them like children.  I've become one of those people and I don't mind.  Things I say to them include Do you know how much I love you?  If they were humans, they'd be embarrassed of the ridiculous nicknames I give them.  (Jett-Jett Snugglebunny)

I always have a million quilts on the bed.

+I started Downton Abbey from the beginning on Amazon Prime.  Simply because I miss Sybil.

+I finished The Husband's Secret.  I really did love it.  The characters and the storyline just fit and I truly enjoyed it.  A book I did not enjoy?  All the Light We Cannot See.  Hate might be a strong word, but hate might describe my feelings about it.  Did you read it?

+Oh, our Christmas tree is still up.  We like the lights.

+This was truly all over the place and that's exactly how Stuff and Things should be. Any stuff to talk about?


  1. I would always miss the Christmas tree lights when we would take our tree down--they looked so comforting in the dark.

  2. I miss our Christmas decor, too! We may or may not still have lights on the front porch! And I totally know what you mean about adult birthdays. {Happy belated birthday, btw!} I never know what to do, either. It's usually pretty laid back around here.

  3. I haven't read All The Light...but I don't plan to. It doesn't sound like me for some reason even though I know others have loved it.

    You know I'm that person in regards to dogs too.

    My favorite things to do on my birthday are 1. wear lounge attire 2. get a massage 3. Peruse Homegoods and purchase anything I like 4. eat dinner at home 5. go to bed early. LOL.

  4. I don't know why the link-up graphic on my post looks so terrible. :(

    Having your birthday off is always a joy. I often take mine off if it doesn't fall on a weekend.
    I have not read "All The Light We Cannot See," but it seems like lots of people like it.
    I am tempted to start watching "Downton Abbey." It seems like something I'd enjoy.
    I also talk to my cats like they're humans. And say some ridiculous things.

  5. I don't care who plays in the superbowl, I'm watching for half time and commercials...oh and to be at the party with friends and food! ;)

  6. I treat my dogs like our kids too and they have all kinds of nicknames, especially the Yorkie, who is my baby. Awwww, I miss Sybil on Downton too!

  7. I LOVE the Christmas treeeeeee! So pretty!

    I agree with the DA thought....the first season was fabulous!

  8. Adult birthdays are certainly a different game. It's hard to get excited when all you want for your birthday is 1) to not have to go to work and 2) someone else to cook dinner.

    I love love love doing yoga. I just feel better when I do it at least a few times a week - my neck doesn't hurt as bad, and overall I just feel less stressed out. Check out DoYogaWithMe.com sometime, tons of free yoga/pilates videos.

    I had no idea Downton was on Prime...I looked it up and the first 4 seasons are all free! Which is awesome because I don't think I've even seen the entire 1st season. I might actually get to be mostly caught up (although as with most shows, I'm always a season behind everyone else because cable = $$$$$).

  9. My husband comments frequently about what a good life our dogs lead. It's true.

    I am not happy the Broncos lost as the husband is a HUGE Broncos fan. It's made worse by the fact that the Ravens lost as well. Now I care less than zero about the rest of football season. I'm just waiting for the Super Bowl commercials at this point.

  10. Our living room is SO FREAKING DARK now. Just before xmas, the string of lights I keep up year round in the living room burnt out and I never bothered to replace them (well, for obvious reason you know). But now that all the xmas decor is out of there too--the "inside room" is SO FREAKING DARK. I miss the lights.

  11. Our Christmas tree is still up too. No shame.

    A birthday on a Saturday is a dream come true! No work + relaxing and shopping = best adult birthday ever!

  12. Happy Birthday! I don't celebrate as an adult either.. just ask not to be the one to make dinner and Kev has to put the kids to bed ;)

  13. My fake pine garland, 1 strand of lights I gave up on, and wreath are still up on the porch. It's been too cold to take them down. And...this whole job thing gets in the way sometimes.

    I miss Sybill, too! She was my favorite. And I loved Mary when she got together with Matthew. Still devastated that his character was killed, too.

  14. I miss Sybil too :(

    My birthday is on Saturday this year too!! Buuut Brandon leaves for TDY on that day, of course, so it'll be me and the three year old hanging out. Adult birthdays are kinda lame.


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