January 1, 2015

Stuff and Things 1/1/15

+The way to make your husband do all those little things that he puts off (re-hanging doors, picking up tools, etc) is to have his army friend, who is in town for a couple of days, call him and say, "Want to hang out?" and then make sure you invite the friend to stay the night.  That is the surefire method to getting your husband to clean up the mess.  My house has never been neater than it was at 9pm on Sunday night.

+This friend is one of the first people we met in Alaska and he was also in Missouri last year.  He said I seem much happier now than I did in Alaska.  Thinking back on that, I think it's all relative.  I'm happier in some regards.  Colorado has its challenges too, though.  Plus, a lot has changed since 2009 in terms of how I think about things.

+The power went out on Tuesday when it was 5 degrees outside.  I did what any self-respecting person would do: sat on the bed and pouted for a while. Wondered if it would ever come back on. Thought that we should maybe go somewhere instead of sitting here. Put on an extra pair of sweatpants.  Then Scott lit a fire in the wood stove downstairs and we worked on putting the basement together.

+I made tea in the kettle on the wood stove.  Like a pioneer or something.

+I didn't recap 2014 because, honestly, I didn't like 2014.  I really didn't.  I do believe that it will stand out to me as a year in which I learned a lot about what I'm capable of.  2009 and 2012 are the other years in which I learned about myself.  Those were deployment years.

+Also, I've said before that new years begin in August to me.  They just do.  It's a teacher problem, I suppose.

+However, I have chosen words for 2015.  I've never done this before, but it seems fitting.  I think, at one point, I settled on the peace awhile back as a focus word, but I didn't write much (if anything) about it and I certainly never reflected on peace and its meaning to me.  This year, I'm going to focus on Persevere.  We teach this to kids at school.  You can do hard things.  You just have to keep going.  And I'm going to really contemplate on Abide.  Accept without question.  To learn that things are the way they are and I need to find a way to persevere through them.  We'll see how it goes.

Oh, and hey, Happy New Year!


  1. Persevere. Yes. Oh my gosh, yes. I think that's going to have to be my word for 2015, too. I didn't recap 2013 last year because I didn't like 2013--so no judgement here. Happy New Year, friend!

  2. I didn't really recap 2014 either...not my idea of fun!

  3. 2014 was cool but way too transition-y for a good recap. It all just kind of...happened. I'm looking forward to a more settled 2015.
    Also, I like your words! I think abide is a good one for me to consider this year.

  4. 2013 was my year that I didn't like and I was so happy to see it come to an end and start 2014. And yes, learning lessons sucks in the middle of it but most of the time we can {eventually} look back at what we've learned. Persevere. Amen, sister! Hope 2014 is better to you!


  5. 2013 was my year I just didn't really like. I didn't want to recap it. Persevere is a great word! Hope 2015 is better! xo

  6. I'm really hoping 2015 is great for everyone!

  7. Happy New Year! :) I love that you made tea on the wood stove. It's like you were channeling your inner Laura Ingalls Wilder.... ;)

  8. I love doing my recaps of every year - it's a good summation point for me when I look back.

    I wish there was a photo of you making tea over the fire. You go Laura Ingalls!


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