December 18, 2014

Stuff and Things 12/18

+I feel for the people who have to move during the holiday season.  We've been lucky in this regard so far.  Our moves have been in September, February, April, and May. I was just thinking the other day how glad I am that we got here in May.  Because if we'd moved in the winter, I have no idea how this remodel would've gotten off the ground.

+However, with every move, I admit that being without a washer and dryer is the hardest part.  I always tracked down a laundry mat.  I don't think it's appropriate to say "who wants to let me use their washer and dryer?" on Facebook.  Like it's some kind of honor to allow that.  I would NEVER ask social media such a question.  Perhaps I would text message a friend.  But more than likely, I would resign myself to a couple of hours at a laundromat.  Suck it up.  Egocentricity is the word that comes to mind.

+That's why I deactivate my Facebook every once in awhile.  I can't stand looking at that stuff.

+Speaking of the military, enlighten me, civilians*:  What kind of healthcare do you have/like?  I mean, the military has this system of bars and brick walls (metaphorically and literally) that prevent you from having access to your doctor and/or nurse and/or information.  I mean, can you call your doctor's office and talk to someone?  I can't.  I have to call this outside agency, leave a message with an operator, and hope they call me back.  It's kind of barbaric because they almost never call back until I leave several messages.  And I don't think 2 messages over the course of a week is too crazy.  I called on Wednesday.  Then I called again on Monday. Yet, I've heard nothing back.

*I'm technically a civilian because I have not signed up to serve my country.  I'm just using the broader definition here.

+Blog friends are the best kind of friends.  They're with you no matter where you go.  I've met and moved away from more people than I can count in the last few years.  While we keep in touch on Facebook (why I try to keep it activated) and the occasional text, the blog friends I've made are the only constant.  Isn't that kind of crazy to think about?

Angi sent me this sweet Christmas package from Alaska.

+This is a really weak post. I apologize.  Two more days and then Christmas vacation. My quality of life with the cold weather, sickness, and darkness has been low lately. Inspiration is hard to find.

+Yesterday was bookended with two highlights:  a latte at 7am and a naan pizza at 7pm.  Like I said, inspiration is hiding these days.

+ This weekend I plan on finishing the painting of the kitchen walls and making good dent in the painting of the cupboards.  Most of the cupboards are painted already but there's one wall that's not.  Here's your before picture.

It's everything a "before picture" should be:  cluttered with bad lighting.  Can only get better, right?

Stay tuned for progress.  


  1. Is it bad that I like your before picture? I've wanted to do one of those "eat" signs in our kitchen but haven't actually made that take place, yet!

    Happy weekend projecting, friend!


  2. I don't think contacting doctor's/getting medical information/etc. is ever easy. Last spring it took a LOT of phone calls to a lot of places just to finally get answers about the vaccines we were looking into getting for our move.
    I'll pretty much ask my relatives for anything and have no shame--my family tends to be 'communal' and always helps each other out, which includes use of washing machines, but if I had no family around, I'd probably just handwash clothes in the sink like I did for our first month here. There may be laundromats here but I've yet to see one. Drycleaners I have seen, which is also an option...

  3. I am Tricare Standard for the reasons you have listed above. I switched back in 2008 and haven't looked back since.

    We moved to Fort Drum (northern New York) in the middle of winter. During a blizzard. And sub-zero temperatures. It has been my least-favorite move to date. :)

  4. I never mind when my before pictures portray mess and chaos. The afters are that much better! hahaha

    We switched insurance last year and are switching again this year. I can't keep it straight. I think it's Blue Cross Personal Choice. All I know is our deductible is sky high.

  5. We have a system at the hospital here that allows patients to email their doctor and get a faster response. It is pretty awesome, hopefully all hospitals will have it soon.

  6. Are you lucky enough to get 2 weeks off for Christmas this year?! Christmas on a Thursday is the best! Blog friends really are the best!!

  7. I don't know what a naan pizza is but if it's anything like I think it is, sign me the heck up.

    Happy end of the last week.

  8. I think I would literally go insane without blog friends. The loneliness is real.

    We just have insurance through Isaiah's job...and they just changed it again for like the 4th time in 2 years. So currently it's Moda Health, which I've never heard of. I think it might just be an Alaska thing. When he changes jobs, I'm fairly sure he'll be on BCBS, but I'm not entirely sure. The best part is his premium is paid for by the city...the sucky part is they make up for it by requiring union dues.

  9. I feel the same about blog friends--and that might be why it's always so hard for me to make "real" friends wherever we are because I always know it's temporary. And cultivating blog friendships is more important to me for the very reason that those friendships are portable--we're all excellent communicators you know? And as for the naan pizza thing. HOORAY! So delish, right?

  10. They push the online system here to communicate with your doctor. I don't even remember the name. I haven't used it though.


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