December 29, 2014

Christmas Recap

Christmas break equals lots of pajamas and mugs of hot drinks.  I bought this mug last year to give as a gift and I just…didn't.  I found it in my box of Christmas stuff this year and decided to assume custody for myself.  I'm happy with that decision.

We didn't go home for Christmas this year.  I haven't had a break like this since December 2010, which was the only other Christmas we didn't go home and/or were together.

We did lots of work on the house.  New bedroom carpet, new bedroom furniture, old ceiling fan ripped out, new ceiling fan installed. Old carpet ripped out in basement bedroom, new hardwood installed in basement bedroom.  Kitchen painted, cabinets painted, cabinets stained.

We went on one sushi date and two breakfast dates.

We sat around in sweatpants and watched lots of t.v.  I bought Scott True Detective season one and my mom gave me MacGyver season one.  Fun fact:  MacGyver was my favorite show when I was little.  It started before I was born but, at some point, I must've caught up because it's the one t.v. show I remember watching before the age of 6.  Scott had never seen it before (which is funny, because he practically IS MacGyver) and he was appalled that my parents let me watch it at that age.  I honestly never thought about that.  Also, we finished Bomb Girls, watched The Bletchley Circle, and started Broadchurch (fantastic!).  Productivity indeed!

Scott got me an automatic start for my car for Christmas.  We have a long history with automatic starts. My car in Alaska had one because we used it as a bargaining chip.  They wanted to raise the price, we wanted an automatic start.  They added it in for "free" in that case.  A year later, we lost my keys (Scott put them on the back of my car, I drove away with the spare set…long story).  No more automatic start.  In December 2011, we paid to get a new remote for it.  In December 2013, we sold the car.  No more automatic start.  We paid to have this one installed at a place in Colorado Springs and Scott swears that if we ever get rid of this Rav4, he's going to rip it out with his bare hands and transfer to the next vehicle.

He also got me the Dillon Panthers sweatshirt I emailed him the link to on Etsy.  Oddly enough, he wasn't sure what color I wanted, so he ordered me two.  If anyone is interested in a pink and blue Dillon Panthers sweatshirt (size small, fits bigger)…

My in-laws sent money, so I got some king-size bedding.  I went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond because I had coupons and didn't feel like driving all over town.

I started cooking and menu planning again.

Scott did a lot of hunting.  I did a lot of dog consoling.

Scout was not pleased on Sunday when Scott left without him.  Fishing/hunting icy rivers is tricky with dogs, so they stayed home.  A dog's life is tough in this house…claiming that brand new king size bedding as your personal pouting ground.

I'm working on a new blogging challenge for 2015, now that 2014 is wrapping up.  Coming Friday…


  1. I had to share that picture of scout with J last night because it's just too funny. I started menu planning again too. I HATE doing it, but it makes my life so much easier. I think I just need to force myself to make it a habit. I think it's on my wishlist for my next car to have an automatic start--but then again considering I don't have a car at all right now, maybe I shouldn't be too picky ;)

  2. If I saw someone wearing a Dillon Panthers shirt, I would assume we were kindred spirits. Looking forward to seeing all of the house updates!

  3. Wow that's awesome that you got all that done on your house! And yay for new bedding!

  4. New bedding is the best! I am in search for new and hopefully I find something.

  5. I love being close to my family, but I also sometimes wish we could spend the holidays alone. I feel so tired from it all, lol. I like that you guys got so much done AND relaxed a bit too! Merry (belated) Christmas!

  6. I love love love new bedding. My aunt got me new sheets for Christmas that were on my wish list.

    Can't wait to see the new house stuff!

    I got a FNL themed long sleeve T!

  7. If you guys like Broadchurch, you should check out both Happy Valley and Hinterland. Same types of shows, both excellent.

  8. I use to love MacGyver, talk about missing some good shows!!

    When do you go back to school?

  9. Scott worked most of last week. We went over to a friends' house on Friday evening, and we've hardly moved since. lol We've been binge watching "Once Upon a Time" on Netflix....amazing!

  10. Excellent mug turned out! It seems to me that you are good at creating from the old a new


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