October 17, 2014

The Great Pumpkin Swap Reveal!

Thank you to everyone who participated this year, and to Becky for co-hosting!
THIS is why we blog, right?  To make connections and get scarves and candy in the mail.

I was paired up with Michael, which was fun because we already read each other's blogs.  She and I also must think alike because we each sent the other an infinity scarf from Target.  That's pretty fantastic, right?  

These are 3 very interested pups when it comes to that dog bone.  The one on the left is Wall-E.  I've been dog-sitting this week and he is just the sweetest Catahoula leopard dog that ever was.  And at two years old, he's been a fabulous influence on certain disobedient animals.  

Thanks Michael!  I, and the furry friends, appreciate it!

I hope everyone who joined in had a great experience…Happy fall (y'all)!

And Happy Friday.  That can't be emphasized enough!


  1. How you get pictures like that of the dogs I'll never understand. Bailey bolts anytime she sees the camera (or my phone!) come out!

  2. What a great swap package you received. I love that you both sent each other infinity scarves! That chocolate bar looks amazing, too. Thanks for hosting!

  3. I love what you got! :) Cute scarf.

  4. I totally meant to be a part of this swap but I plum forgot! Oh well, maybe next year - cute stuff :)

  5. I'm pretty are this IS why we blog! lol Great goodies! :) Can't wait til next year!


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